Kashmir has forever been considered the Paradise on Earth. But since independence, it has been better known to be the war capital of Asia with India, Pakistan, and China always claiming the paradise for themselves. In the midst of all these tensions and wars, you are sure to miss out on these lesser-known secrets about Kashmir that we have compiled for you.

  1. Kashmir May Have Naturally Fallen Into Pakistan’s Lap. Based on suggestions by his ministers, Hari Singh (the then ruler of Kashmir) might have merged Kashmir with Pakistan. However, the impatient Pakistan invaded Kashmir and Hari Singh decided to merge it with India to ensure the safety of his subjects.
  2. Historical Manuscripts State Kashmir Was a Lake
  3. Contrary to Popular opinion, Kashmir was not founded by Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Srinagar was founded by Emperor Ashoka.
  4. The 3 religions; Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam have contributed to the culture of Kashmir.
  5. The overall literacy rate is higher than that of India, and Pakistan.
  6. Jammu & Kashmir is the only state in India, with a flag of it’s own.
  7. Water resources in Kashmir can generate thousands of megawatts of power.
  8. Kashmir is surrounded by 2 nuclear countries, India, and Pakistan, and also is a part of the 3rd, India.

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