3 most beautiful islands in Croatia


The coast of Croatia has 1,800 kilometers of coastline with more than a thousand islands, islets, and reefs situated on the beautiful Adriatic Sea. From 718 islands only around 47 of them are inhabited. With such a diversity it’s not easy to choose which island to visit and it’s a true challenge to visit them all. Whether you’re interested in exploring ancient villages, lounging like a lizard in the sun, or hiking via lavender fields. Here are 3 Croatian islands that you shouldn’t miss:


Hvar is a perfect destination for sailing enthusiasts. Yacht owners just love bobbing on its shores that are sun-soaked. In spite its high reputation as the Croatian’s swankiest destinations, Hvar is more than an attractive force for the reasonably popular and rich.  With its 13th-century walls and anchored square dating from Rennessaince era, beautiful beaches and lavender fields it’s a truly most wanted summer destination. Plus it has 2724 yearly hours of sun, there’re a lot of rays to be shared out, as well.


Brac is the longest island in the central Dalmatia. It has 14,006 in population, and its own airport (Brac). Brac also has the highest peak of 728m, called Vidova Gora which is the highest peak on Adriatic Islands. When the day is clear, the view from Vidova Gora is just breathtaking. Island Brac is also famous for its beautiful one-kilometer pebble beach called Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape), which changes its peak depended on wind and sea current. Brac is also a home of some of the best olive oils in the world.


Although not so popular as Hvar and Brac, Korcula is one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia. With its beautiful dark pine forest, olive trees and vineyards, Korcula is one of the most relaxing getaways in Dalmatia. The island is famous for its white wine (the coolest, crispest kind created from the endemic posip grape) and it’s the second Adriatic most populous island. The town Korcula is always dubbed ‘Little Dubrovnik’ as a result of its medieval formidable walls, however, it has its attractions to give. You can decide to visit a gallery of Marco Polo (rumours say Korcula was Marco Polo’s hometown). The island has great trails for cycling and walking, numerous hidden bays and sandy beaches.

Among the popular tourist islands in Croatia when it comes to Hvar, Brac as well as Korcula Island, doing whatever it takes to visit these places is worth it. Just trust me; it will be the best-visited places by your family and you. And who knows, maybe you will like it so much that you would consider buying a property in Croatia. Because each of these islands has their own charm and a truly exceptional combination of unspoiled nature, rich history and culture which make them a great location for making a home away from home.

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