3 Cost-Saving Tips For Choosing And Installing a PA System For Your Office


Short for public address system, PA systems provide your office environment with sound reinforcement equipment. A PA system can provide a multitude of benefits to your office. One of the main benefits is sound masking.

Sound masking is the addition of sound, usually through digital generators such as speakers, to reduce distractions or increase confidentiality in an office setting. Sound masking addresses noise control and speech privacy. Most often, sound masking is implemented within an office setting when the ambient noise or speech noise undermines work productivity.

A variety of factors can crop up to undermine work productivity. These can include construction work surrounding your office, a poor acoustic environment, or office distractions such as a loud printer, noisy heating, and air conditioning systems or ringing phones.

Installing a PA system that provides acoustical solutions to these problems, along with many others, can not only make your office a more pleasant environment but also increase workplace focus and productivity. However, finding the right sound system for your office can be a daunting task.

Help reduce unwanted noise and create a productive place for you and your employees with these three cost-saving tips. From understanding the purpose of your PA system to determining the right sound system, these tips will not only save you time, but more importantly, help you save money.

1. Understand the Purpose of your PA System

Before installing any type of sound system within your office, ascertaining the purpose of your PA system can go a long way in saving you time and installation costs. Do you want a PA system that injects music into your office setting? Music has been known to have positive effects on people’s disposition in the workplace. A music system can also help set the right mood in your office.

Or do you want a sound system that cuts through the noise clutter? A paging PA system is a powerful tool, allowing you to talk over any unwanted noise. This is crucial when you need to send an important message or a company-wide announcement.

Better yet, maybe your office requires sound masking to eliminate the lack of sound privacy? It’s been reported that lack of sound privacy is the biggest drain on office morale, making this an essential sound tool in any office. Sound masking also contributes to overall employee productivity and focus.

Knowing what type of PA system your office requires makes it easier to discuss fundamental considerations with audio visual and lighting companies when assembling a PA system.

2. Determine the Right PA System Design

Depending on your office needs or the size of your space, your PA system can take on a variety of sound system technologies. Does your office require sound systems for several smaller areas? Would your PA system need to be capable of offering total office coverage?

These are important aspects to consider when selecting a PA system.

Other factors include: determining amplifier inputs when selecting music sound systems; defining different zones of speakers (especially if your office’s telephone system connects with a warehouse), and accessibility between paging and telephone systems. Can they work in tandem with each other and does your PA system support hands-free responses or announcements?

PA systems also require wiring, devices, and often, power expenditures. There are also wireless options to consider. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks. A wireless PA system may reduce the quality of the sound, especially if obstructions are present.

3. Hire a Reputable Audio Visual Company

Perhaps the most important cost-saving tip when installing a PA system for your office is to hire a professional AV installer.

There are some DIY projects you can tackle to improve your office’s acoustics — things like bringing in sound absorbing materials (such as carpets and plants) or creating dedicated loud and quiet spaces. But installing an integrated PA system throughout your office is a job best left to the experts.

Mistakes and accidents can happen if you decide to tackle such a project yourself. This may lead to further reduction in workplace productivity and employee morale.

Hiring a reputable audio visual company means the installation and products are guaranteed. Many years of experience and a deep understanding of complex technologies go into the process of becoming a professional audio visual installer.

No matter where your office is located, it’s important to engage the services of a sound system installer. Reputable audio visual companies can assist you when you’re ready to invest in a PA system.

From leading AV system integrators in the UAE to licensed communication technicians in the U.K., audio visual companies can provide tailor-made solutions to create a seamless AV solution that fits your office best.


Joe Chidiac, Managing Partner of Pulse Middle East, specializes in audio visual and lighting system integration with a 12-year track record of leading in large-scale projects in the Middle East. Mr. Chidiac holds a BA in sound engineering and music technology and moved to the Middle East right after his graduation.

Before becoming a very successful businessman in the AV and lighting system integration industry, setting up his own business, Mr. Chidiac had worked with multinational companies from which he gained a wealth of experiences in system integration. He is passionate about his business and mostly spends his free time exploring new ideas and constantly educating himself on new trends and technologies.

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