3D And 2D Animation: What Is The Difference?

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Animation is just one area of graphic design, and it has enjoyed some amazing developments in the past couple of decades, with 3D animation now being very much the norm in graphic circles, and for those who are unaware of the basic differences between 2D and 3D animation, here is a brief description of both.

2D Animation

When you watch the old Tom & Jerry cartoons, you are watching 2D animation, with a horizontal and vertical axis, showing only two dimensions.

In the early days of 2D animation, each frame was drawn by artists and when to run consecutively, it gives the impression that the characters are moving.

It is possible to create 2D animation by drawing alone, yet today, there are software programs that will create action sequences, eliminating the need for hundreds or thousands of individual pictures.

2.5D Animation

This is taking 2D animation a little further by layering background and objects to give the viewer a feeling that they are seeing an extra dimension.

The technique involves foreground and background items moving independently of each other, without creating the full 3D effect, which does give the viewer the feeling of three-dimensional viewing.

3D Animation

Obviously, that extra dimension brings the animation to life, and any 3D animation would be computer-generated, using very complex programs that can plot a character’s movement to very fine detail.

There are reliable web video production Brisbane companies that have the tools and the know-how to create just about anything in three dimensions for you.

If you would like to create a stunning 3D animation for your business, it will cost you a lot more than something made in 2D, yet the outcome is much more realistic, and if it’s the WOW factor you are after, you really have no choice but to go with 3D animation.

Creating A Stunning 3D Animation

There has never been a better time to have a 3D animation produced, as there is state of the art graphics companies who do nothing else but create eye-catching 3D animations for their clients.

It all begins with a concept, which is something the video production company can help you to create, then the experts would work with you to create the desired sequence.

Even a 4 to 5-minute animation is very complex to create, so you can imagine the cost of a 2-hour 3D cartoon! Animation can be very effective in demonstrating an idea, and many large companies have created their very own 3D characters that are part of their product branding.

If you would like to explore the potential that 3D animation can offer your business, search online for a video production company that specializes in 3D animation, and they can help you to design and create something special.

Such a company would employ animation specialists who use the very latest computer software to create real-life animations, and even if you don’t yet have a concept, an experienced video production house can guide you through the process to deliver an end product that ticks all the boxes.

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