5 Awesome Add-Ons That Work Flawlessly With QSM Plugins

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The need to know what your customers think about you and what are their views on your products services might have motivated you to embed the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin within your website. Definitely, an excellent choice when looking for a WordPress Quiz plugin. However, the features and functionality of the plugin isn’t confined just to the creation of quizzes and survey but extend beyond the basic norms.

Surprisingly, this power-packed plugin offers this exquisite advantage where the website managers can enhance their site performance by integrating significant add-ons. In fact, the plugin has many efficient add-ons for separate features. In case you are about to integrate the QSM plugin or have already integrated one and plan to modify the same, we have handpicked five of the best add-ons that work seamlessly with the plugin.

Top 5 Add-ons for QSM Plugin

  • Synchronize With Google Sheets

Keeping track of all the quiz related information or survey details would be incompetent if you do it manually. With the QSM plugin, you can seamlessly synchronize all of the results with Google Spreadsheets. The add-on is a paid product and you would need to pay a minimum of $29 for single-site integration.

Price: $29 for a single site

  • PayPal & Stripe Integration

You might wonder why on earth would you need a payment plugin for the quiz? Imagine you are about to create a customized quiz to conduct tests or exams. Here, you would need to candidate to pay a significant amount to unlock the quiz. This is where the PayPal and Stripe Integration plugin comes to rescue. With this, you can effortlessly add payment options within the quiz. Using the add-on settings menu, you can set several options including the payment option and dedicated price. A tabulae view depicts the payment history for you to keep track of all the payments made.

Price: $29 for a single site

  • Save & Resume

At times, it so happens that users pause between the quiz due to unavoidable reasons. Losing the entire quiz would not be appreciated and so the save and resume add-on helps you craft a situation where the quiz is saved automatically and the resumed when the server detects the user to be already logged in. Another way to do so is manually saving the quiz and resume it’s using a session ID.

Price: $19 for a single site

  • Google Analytics Tracking

Running surveys and quizzes to know what users think about your business, you would employ measures to improve the same. And so you would feel the need to track the conversion and acquisition rate. This is done with the help of Google Analytics Tracking Add-on as it works best with marketing teams and businesses.

Price: $35 for a single site

  • Reporting and Analysis

Analyzing scores and reporting performances, Reporting and Analysis add-on is the best for you. The add-on includes pie charts, plot charts, and bar charts to specify the average score. A quick glance reveals the quick results in a chart form, filter and analyzes the same.

Price: $35 for a single site

Final Word

Enhance the efficiency of the quizzes and surveys with this quiz and survey Master WordPress quiz plugin and conduct quizzes with greater ease, analyzing, studying and exporting results.

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