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5 Reasons to Trust Zend Framework for PHP Development


Hypertext Preprocessor aka PHP is one of the well known server-side scripting languages that are HTML-embedded used to build web applications on a large scale. Majority of the websites available on the World Wide Web are built on PHP. This popularity has cleared the way for the evolution and development of numerous PHP frameworks.

These frameworks that use the basic structure of PHP facilitates in building web applications efficiently, effectively and in a fast way. PHP allows for the cost-effective building of web applications within a short span of time.

Perhaps with a plethora of development frameworks available, it becomes difficult to choose one framework for PHP development. Perhaps, when it comes to building custom web development applications, Zend is the most renowned one. This framework provides with object-oriented code for the development of a website application project. With this, many companies look forward to hire Zend developers and hence it serves as an opportunity for the beginners to learn this technology and get hired for developing web applications.

The following are the features of Zend framework making it a popular framework for custom development projects:

  • Quick development – With the Zend framework, developers have enabled to PHP 5 development since it uses object-oriented code. This code can be reused by the developers. Thus, it facilitates the development team to use interface applications through duplicate codes.
  • Open source framework that entails the largest set of components – Zend is a free-of-cost, open source framework and is a cost-friendly option for development compared to other frameworks. It requires no license or registration whatsoever. Zend is a versatile framework providing an array of components. With its extensive set of libraries, the Zend framework facilitates easy PHP development. Moreover, the components are loosely coupled favouring a specific project’s requirements.
  • An extensive community and user base – Zend framework has a massive community base of developers. The reason that this framework is immensely popular is its global documentation. Thus, there is a lot to learn while working with the framework which is also easy to navigate.
  • Can be implemented globally – As mentioned, the Zend framework has global documentation. It’s components such as ZendLocale, ZendCurrency, ZendTranslate and ZendDate make way for global implementation of the framework for building web applications. This also makes the framework extremely user-friendly. Also, while using this framework, developers do not have to worry about the difference in date and time zones, or language or currency. The framework also induces different functionalities within a web application for the developers.
  • Simple integration with libraries – By facilitating the easy and hassle-free integration of the Zend’s libraries, developers get the opportunity to create classes that are specific and unique to the project’s requirements. Thus, it is a popular framework amongst the developers as well.

These 5 reasons pave the way for trusting the Zend framework for effective PHP development for web applications.

The e-commerce market is in full swing and companies are opting to hire Zend developers with a view to building high-end custom web applications for their business and clients.

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