5 Spirits You Must Try at Westminster co liquor store

Westminster Co Liquor Store

The love for spirits has only been added on over the past few years, and the British market for spirits has grown remarkably. However, out of a large variety of spirits, people get confused about choosing the best ones out of all. 

The task of giving the title of ‘best spirit’ is undoubtedly challenging, and one cannot carry forward this task without having a taste of all. Well, how would things go if we told you that you could get your hands on the best ones on your visit to Westminster? 

The only favor you need to do for this part is going through the below-mentioned names.

  • Sip smith Gin

The very first name on our list is SipSmith Gin, also known as the dry Gin, known to have flavors of cherry, plum, and orange as well.

  • Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur

One of the most popular spirits made by mixing cream and whisky sounds more delicious than any other mixtures available.

  • Lagavulin

Lagavulin, also known as the 16-year-old whisky, gets customers just with its hint of fragrance.

  • Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey

Bushmills have been around us for an estimated period of over 400 years and are known to be one of the oldest spirits available in Westminster. If you want your throats to be oiled by one of these, you will have to get your feet to the Westminster Co liquor store. 

  • Plymouth Gin

This spirit has been around us since 1793 and can be crowned as the best Gin available at the Westminster store by far. It is also known as the only Gin having the Protected Designation of Origin Status. 

End Words

There is no limit to the taste and legitimacy of spirits all around the world. However, you can only get the above ones on your visit to Westminster Co Liquor Store

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