5 surprising things about your first year of Veterinary school


Veterinary school is way more than just fun.

And that’s how it is meant to be!

Although you may need to spend quite some time studying, it’s not as unbearable as it may sound.

Moreover, getting a not-so-good test score does not mean you are going to fail vet school.

You will see opportunities for picking your grades back up in no time.

To know more about the Veterinary Basic Science course and what it’s like to be a freshman, read on.

  1. Cramming information may not work!

During your undergrad, you do not need to be one of those students that are bookworms.

Make sure you have taken perfect notes and begin reading the chapters a few weeks ahead in time.

Why am I asking you not to be of the studious type right from the start?

Because your previous study methods may not seem to bring any real outcome.

  1. You make time for just about anything!

Although you may not have the time to do everything, it is, however, possible to juggle a few side-hustles.

Caribbean vet school will give you enough timeto take up part-time jobs.

You may have to be a bit picky and choose jobs that are relevant to your academic career.

  1. Your classmates are your best resources!

You will meet students from different backgrounds.

Now, you can utilize this opportunity as a means to reduce stress.

Forget competing!

Try to build connections will as many people as you can while studying offshore.

After all, all of your peers are striving to achieve the same purpose.

The mission to treat animals!

  1. Having a support system is a must!

You may find it difficult to stay away from home.

Having a support system in place is the best way to remind yourself that you can earn this!

Everything will seem fine if you have your focus in the right place.

This a necessity!

  1. Look at animals’ cadavers

You will have to deal with not just live animals but the ones who have passed away too!

Animal autopsy and dissection of their cadavers are very common experimentation processes.

So, pick abigger animal while you are there.

Never wait to ask for help.

From counseling provided by the school’s service or study help from professors to advise from the financial office, utilize them all!

Remember to take care of yourself!

Eat food that is healthy, sleep and taking time off for relaxation purpose are very important.

Pursuing a veterinary programin the Caribbean will provide you with the perfect blend of study hours you require to get more, as well as churning out better ideas for improving your professional career path.

As a piece of final advice, try not to be too hard on yourself.

The journey has only begun!

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