5 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Business Website


Your business website is likely to be one of your company’s most valuable assets. It might just seem like a virtual storefront, but a high-quality business website can be much, much more. Having a high-quality business website can increase your digital marketing potential, boost traffic to your site and increase your sales. The list below outlines some of the best steps that you can take to upgrade your business website today.

  1. Improve Loading Speeds

Studies have found that the majority of internet users do not stay on a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Improving your sites loading speeds is critical for ensuring that you are not sending visitors away before they have a chance to interact with your website.

  1. Create a Conversion Funnel

Even if you have very successful digital marketing campaigns, if you are not getting visitors to your site to convert, then you are not ever going to experience the highest returns. Creating a conversion funnel will help you to guide the visitor’s journey, seamlessly through your website. From the moment a consumer shows interest in your brand to the point of sale, they are being moved down your conversion funnel. This helps to create a seamless, high-quality user experience which has been found to increase rates of sales.

  1. Use Intuitive Website Design

When a user has to think too much about interacting with your website they are likely to become frustrated. Internet users have become accustomed to a certain style of website design, this means that when most people use websites they don’t have to think about where a page is or how to use the search box.

Using intuitive website design will help you to offer the highest quality user experience, as visitors to your site are not distracted by your navigation or site set-up.

  1. Use Translation Localization Software

If you are marketing to an international customer base then you should be using translation location software for your website’s written content. Using translation location software will help you to further improve the quality of the user experience on your site. This type of software will also benefit your marketing efforts as you are able to perfect the tone, style and substance of your brand voice. Since translation localization software takes care of the whole translation process, using this tool can also help businesses to save both time and money in translation operations.

  1. Embrace Mobile Visitors

Over 50% of internet users are now coming from mobile devices. Using responsive website design is the best way of making sure that you are catering to all visitors on your site, regardless of what device they are using. Responsive website design means that your site will automatically adapt to the screen size of the visitor that is viewing your website.

The fast response of this style of website design eliminates any potential frustration that occurs as a result of issues with unresponsive website design.

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