6 Important Tips to Increase Shopify Sales

Increase Shopify Sales

Owning an e-commerce store with a great sale can give you great success. When it comes to building an e-commerce store, Shopify falls under one of the best e-commerce store development platform. But it is not that much of an easy task. Firstly, you have to find a Shopify development company to design and develop your report eCommerce store.

Shopify is easy to use eCommerce platform founded in Canada which is widely used by so many successful entrepreneurs. Follow these easy Shopify tip to get the most out of Shopify and set up your eCommerce business to new heights. Many people in the past, used to wonder how to start an e-commerce business when there were platforms like Shopify were not available in the market.

Focus on Your SEO Business.

Nowadays, Each and every website on the world wide web needs to be SEO optimized in order to achieve desired SEO results. Optimizing your Shopify store according to Google algorithms is the vital things today to grow your visitors and make them worth coming to your store and buy a product.

When you are optimizing your Shopify store, concentrate on your Mobile friendly website first. Make sure to watch out your website speed, keywords density, and UI as well. Google has announced their Mobile-First indexing policy which basically refers to improve the user experience on Mobile websites.

And that does not mean you do not have to pay attention to the desktop versions! Make sure that they are running smoothly on each and every devices and version of which you have your potential readers and users.

Once your website is ready, prepare an effective SEO content strategy to make the most if your SEO efforts and achieve high rankings in the google

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly

Your Shopify development company must be aware of the Mobile era currently going on! Remember! 60% of users make orders from their mobile devices. If you are aware of the google analytics, you will be shocked by checking your audience results. Half of your audience base will be from mobile! I am sure. Now, you do not have to worry if your website is not mobile friendly.

Hire any good Shopify development company to design and develop your mobile-friendly website and after performing full testing you can make life to your users. One thing to make sure is that every time you make any changes to your live desktop version, check if that is working on a mobile version too. That will make you more aware of how your Shopify website
is performing well in the mobile website version.

Make use of Latest Tools

It is very critical to impress your website users in a small span of time! Did you know? 10 seconds are more than exceed to make an impact! When you are working with Shopify development company trying to find out and make the use of different types of tools to make your website more interactive. One of the ways is to implement chatbots! In simple words, they are a talking tom! You can make great sales and turn your visitors into leads with the use of chatbots.

You can even opt for offering some interactive offers to attract your visitors. You can generate coupon codes, offer some discounts in order to grab some great sales.

If you want a powerful and comprehensive all-in-one e-commerce software to help you build, grow, and scale your business online using Shopify I suggest reading this article about Zero Up Labs

Manage Customer Relationships

It is important to manage healthy relationships with customers. It is that type of scenario that you will have one type of customers. One which is your customers for a long time. The one type of customers which continuously shop from your e-commerce store. You have maintained one type of healthy relationship with them. Try to run email campaigns, update them with new product releases and any new update about your company.

At the same time, it is important more to acquire new customers. It can be a little costly than retaining existing customers and this is why you need to focus on creating an ultimate customer retention strategy.

If you paid a big amount of money to acquire new customers with advertising, social media marketing, affiliate program or any other platform, there is a chance that you may lose them because of a poor strategy.

Focus on following tips to delight your customers and generate more sales:
i) Run loyalty and reward programmes.
ii) Delight your customers with loyal service.
iii) Use interactive content to stay top of your customer’s mind.
iv) Retarget your customers on social media and via personalized emails.

Offer Shipping Calendars

When it comes e-commerce transactions, customer’s trust is one of the most crucial things to win! And there is the only way out! Being transparent to your money transactions and shipping policies. Your customers should be aware about their shopping lists, money transactions and their address details as well. If a shopper orders a pair of clothes from your store there should be a precise details about when the order will arrive, will it arrive on time? Will it arrive on the exact shipping day? There are so many factors. By using Shopify’s amazing tools you can set up an amazing process of shipping tracking.

You may even use any of the third party plugins and tools to implement this functionality into your Shopify website.

Create a Give-Away

For any eCommerce stores, holiday seasons are the most important as they acquire more and more sales during that time. Plan a free give away from your marketing budget. Announce it on your platforms and let people participate. This way you are maximizing your customer interactions and activities. This way customers get more attention to your products and gets more aware of using them. You can directly increase your sales up 50% + to achieve your desired sales goals.

Many established businesses like Amazon, Flipkart spend thousands of dollars on their giveaway and gifting campaigns and achieve great sales every month as we all know.

Thus, When you hire a Shopify development company, it does not just end with that! You have got to work very hard. But with right marketing strategy and tactics, you are sure to achieve your desired results in not a small but limited span of time!

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