7 Basic & Amazing Features of Running Tracking App

Running Tracking App

Living in a world that is finding new ways to indulge in fitness consciousness every day, it is hard to ignore the presence of Running Tracking App. They have successfully found a way into your smartphones, smartwatches, and even fitness bands. There is a hoard of these running tracking apps that do a lot more than just tracking your run. They flaunt a massive range of features like route finding, online coaching, friendly competitions, providing calorie loss data, and the right music to aid your run. 

These apps are turning into an absolute haven for fitness enthusiasts. We are right here to take a look at some of the most incredible features brought in by these running apps. Before we know them, we might even have found the best running app that will tag along with us for our morning or evening runs.

7 Amazing and Coolest Running App Features You Cannot Ignore

1. Route Finding and Tracking

This feature is undoubtedly an essential functionality in the list. However, it is also the most primary one that is always important. Be it either Android running Apps or iOS running Apps, these apps always promise accurate route finding and tracking. Using GPS, these trackers can help you create a regular run route that you follow without fail. 

Since these apps are never seen compromising on this front, you are always safe and secure when you go out for a run. With the right app by your side, there’s no getting lost.

2. Online Coach & Motivator

An all-new feature that has recently come to be a part of running apps is the online coaching and motivation feature. Whether it is frequent motivational quotes or live virtual sessions by fitness experts to keep you driven, these apps do all they can to make sure you aren’t left behind with a lack of motivation. Online coaching helps you get your fitness regime on track, and you are more likely to follow up with the fitness goals you have set for yourself.

3. Community App

Fitness tracking apps or run tracking apps have also come up with a community app feature to keep runners engaged. This scenario means that you can now be a part of a group of active runners as you look forward to some friendly competition and self-discovery each day. These running tracking apps turn into your ideal fitness partners by creating such a virtual atmosphere for runners.

4. Set, Track and Achieve Fitness/Running Goals

Your busy schedule might not leave you with the right amount of time to compete with fellow runners or make room for online coaching or motivation. By taking care of all such runners, these apps come with features that allow you to set your targets and track your progress as you move ahead and achieve the desired fitness and running goals.

5. Compare and Beat the Competition

For those who love a little duel of sorts, Running Tracking Apps have also begun offering the “compare and beat the competition” feature. Competing with others not only gives you some reason to look forward to your fitness runs; it also takes you a step closer to your dream health. All these features are seamless and super easy to use. 

You’re only bound to take a day or two with an excellent running app to figure it out entirely. Making ideal use of these features can turn your fitness chase into an activity that is no longer strenuous and boring.

6. Integration with Smartwatches & Music Sites like Spotify

We all know how smartwatches have turned into a thing. Not missing out on the opportunity of being your ideal running app, most of the fantastic running tracking apps has found their way to smartwatches and fitness bands. Indeed, offering the fundamental “track my run” option also comes with other exciting features. 

By partnering with music sites like Spotify, these apps make sure you have the right music to accompany you on your fitness journey. By having understood the power of inspiring and charged music during workouts, these apps have brought the best features to make your runs better than before. Analyzing apps for all these features can quickly help you decide the best running app.

7. Versatile for Beginners as well as Marathon Runners

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional runner, these apps have all the essential details to please both. You can choose to settle only for the ‘measure my runs’ option or explore various other features that they bring along. If it is cost consideration that is bothering you, many good free-running apps have made their way to the market. All you need or require to do is find the right one for you.

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7 Basic Features of Running Tracking App

Apart from these additional features, most running tracking apps always offer you these simple features:

  • Measure the distance of your run
  • Calculate the time for your run
  • Help you understand your pace
  • Provide an accurate step count
  • Provide calorie loss data
  • Help you monitor your heartbeat
  • Help you use a GPS tracker at its best

These are essential features offered by all fitness apps. Apart from these, you might find different apps offering their unique features every once in a while. Often, we see people on the hunt for the best weight loss apps or simple run trackers. These apps can help you take care of your everyday fitness goals, one step at a time. 

As someone who is seeking out only the best in the market, it is important you look out for the features given by a fitness app before investing in a monthly or yearly plan. Whether you’re looking for Apple running Apps or Android running apps, these apps work smoothly on all operating systems. Staying in touch with your everyday runs’ statistics helps you feel good and helps you perform a little better each day. 

How much do these apps cost?

With most good running tracking apps or jogging apps, you will be able to access basic features for free. However, making use of premium features is likely to mean anywhere between 2-5 dollars. Depending on what plan you choose, these apps will offer you a monthly or yearly subscription offer. You must jot down your exact needs and invest in premium plans accordingly. 

Runtrackr can easily be seen as one of the best running apps. Flaunting integration with Apple Watch and Spotify, it greets you with various features you’ve been looking for in such an app. It is easier than ever to compare runs and explore new routes. It is super easy to install and gives you a good list of essential features at no added cost.

Key Takeaways

Finding the perfect running tracking app is as good as seeing your ideal buddy for your everyday runs. This exhaustive list of features can help you make your choice quicker. All you need to do is do your little research and pick out the app that works best for you. 

Most of these running apps offer unique features to help you stay motivated and fit on the go. Start from the basic features and grab all the premium features you can to pamper yourself a little as you dive deep into your fitness routine.

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