7 Fun Facts About Birthday Cakes

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The birthday cake is an integral part of birthday celebrations across the globe, and people somehow get a cake on this special day in different flavours, sizes, and designs. But do you know that there is a lot of history and rituals involved with birthday cakes? Scroll down below to read all the fun facts about birthday cakes.

75 Million Dollar Birthday Cake

The world’s most expensive birthday cake costs 75 million dollars. Debbie Wingham created and designed a cake embellished with diamonds for an anonymous client for a birthday party. Yes! We are not dreaming. 75 million dollars!!!!

Birthday Candles Represent Years of Life

This convention is likewise said to have originated from Germany, where the ritual was that lighting these candles to celebrate the years preceding the birthday would prompt a long life later on and the ritual is followed now in many countries.

Biggest Birthday Cake

The biggest birthday cake was designed for Centennial Birthday of Las Vegas. The cake weighed 6.18 tonnes which is equal to the weight of an African elephant. It looks like the whole city was invited to the birthday party event to finish off the grand cake!

First Birthday Cakes were Geburtstagskuchen

The first birthday cakes were believed to have originated from Germany, where birthday cakes were made for youngsters to commend their birthday events. They weren’t the yummy, sweet, icing covered cakes that we see nowadays. The cakes were significantly more like bread and genuinely rough in texture. What say? Present ones are okay, soft, and yummy, right? We will go with the later one, then!

World Record for Most Birthday Candles

Is that even a thing? Well, according to Guinness Book of World Records, it is. Guess what? People are crazy over the record to break it. The Sri Chinmoy Center in New York holds the Guinness World Record for the most birthday candles on a cake, lighting more than seventy thousand candles. Tragically, because of the huge sum, Sri Chinmoy couldn’t blow them out, rather resorting on utilizing a fire extinguisher!

Chocolate Cakes are on Top

Well, sad for all of you Vanilla and Butterscotch fans as Chocolate cakes win the race. According to many surveys and research, the most popular and the best selling choice is chocolate cake for birthdays. Available in different designs and variants, you can easily get a delectable chocolate cake from a reputed cake bakery


Birthday Cakes Used to be Expensive

The delicious beauties could only be managed by the privileged or upper class as the ingredients were so costly. It wasn’t until the eighteenth century that there was a birthday cake for what it’s worth. As the cost of ingredients dropped, the interest rose, and the price came down.

So, these were some of the funny birthday cake facts that you can enjoy on your or your dear one’s upcoming birthday. Hope you smiled a lot while reading these. Have a good day, and don’t forget to eat a yummy cake.

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