7 Reasons to Get an Online DBA


Are you thinking about taking your business career to the next level? Whether you want to climb further up the career ladder in your current place of employment or start your own successful business in the future, an advanced business degree like the Online DBA can help you get there. While there are several options out there when it comes to getting a qualification that will help you get ahead in business, there are none quite as prestigious and respected as a doctorate-level degree. Here are some of the main reasons why it might be worth investing in a doctor of business administration degree.

Make Your CV Stand Out:

MBA degrees are in high demand, and if you already have an MBA you are probably noticing that there is more competition than ever before. Perhaps your qualification is not helping you stand out in the job applicant pool as much as it once did because more and more business professionals are opting to get an MBA and online study has made getting this degree even more accessible. Going a step further to achieve a DBA will help you stand out from the crowd and seriously showcase your commitment and drive when it comes to your chosen career path. Find out more about the DBA program available to study online at Aston University Online.

Become an Expert:

Getting a DBA allows you to focus on one area of business that seriously interests you, giving you the chance to become an expert in your favourite part of the job and seriously fine-tune your skills and abilities. It is an ideal choice of qualification to go for if you want to start your own business where you will be offering expert advice to other business owners on your chosen topic and field of expertise, or if you would like a career teaching the next generation of business leaders or MBA students.


When it comes to business, who you know and the relationships that you have with the other people within your field are just as important – and sometimes even more important – than what you know. Having a wide and strong network of professional contacts and expert business connections can make it easier for you to run a successful business in the future or get ahead in your career. Going even further up the academic ladder in business gives you the opportunity to meet and network with even more people and seriously grow your professional social circle with some of the most influential and expert businesspeople in your field.

Earning Potential:

If you are very money-driven and are always looking for opportunities to earn more and achieve financial freedom, a DBA is a worthwhile investment. Further education is directly related to improved salaries and going one step further than the coveted MBA will help you stand out of the crowd when it comes to finding an employer and help you get a foot in the door with some of the most prestigious and well-paid business career openings. Even though you might not start earning huge money immediately after graduating, having a DBA will make it easier for you to begin climbing the career ladder or change your career to something with a higher earning potential. What you learn with this degree course will also make it easier for you to succeed with starting your own business and improve your earning potential as an entrepreneur.


Confidence has the power to seriously change your life. Somebody who is filled with self-confidence when it comes to their career, expertise, and knowledge is more likely to get ahead than somebody who doubts themselves a lot. And while a DBA might not be the cure-all for any confidence problems that you might be dealing with, one thing that it can do is provide you with the assurance that you need when it comes to your business knowledge and skill – after all, you have the prestigious and advanced qualification to prove what you can do. With a DBA, you will be able to carry yourself with more confidence, which is only genuinely possible when you really know your stuff – and your potential clients, employees, business partners, and everybody else in the industry will be able to tell.

Study While You Work:

Today, getting a DBA is much more accessible than it used to be. With a range of flexible online courses available that you can study from home at times that suit you best, studying and improving your qualification alongside working full-time or even running your own business is now doable. Unlike in the past when students may have had to quit their job so that they could attend university full-time, relocate to the location of their chosen university, or work part-time outside of their field in order to earn money while attending classes, online degrees allow you to get the qualification that you want with little disruption to your everyday life and commitments. Many online degrees are fully flexible, giving you the power to decide exactly when and where you would like to study, making it possible for you to continue working the same job full-time and keep to your other commitments while fitting your studies around them.

New Opportunities:

Finally, getting a DBA can be an incredible way to change up your business career and find new and exciting opportunities that might not have been available to you previously. If you are currently working in a specific field or industry and hold qualifications that are suitable for it only, a DBA can widen your field of expertise and gives you the chance to learn more about other fields that you might be interested in working in, eventually providing you with more opportunities for the future. If you are a business owner, getting a DBA can provide you with further opportunities for investment, partnership, and more.

If you are currently working in business and want to supercharge your career, a DBA could be the right option for you.

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