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7 Unbelievable Facts About Digital Marketing

Facts About Digital Marketing

In today’s world, if a company want to grow, it has to take the help of digital platforms to reach out to the wider audience effectively. The World Wide Web that was opened for wider public use only 25 years ago has connected almost every nook and corner of our society. If we look at the usage of the Internet, then the figures are truly mind-boggling. According to one report, there are around 2.80 billion social media users in the world. And, this figure is growing rapidly as data charges and smartphone prices are touching a record low. All these facts make digital marketing the most crucial element in the overall advertisement campaign. Here we will like to share with you some unbelievable facts about digital marketing so that you can grasp the awesome power of this dynamic medium.

1). The overall budget of online advertisement has seen an explosive growth: As companies began to appreciate the reach of the Internet medium, their online advertisement budget has also grown proportionately. A recent estimate has pegged the total online advertising budget of companies worldwide to be around 77.37 billiondollars. To truly appreciate this massive number, you have to compare it with the total money spent on the TV based advertisement campaign. Experts believe that in 2017, this will be close to 72.01 billion of dollars. Thus, for the first time, the money spent on theonline campaign has outstripped that on the TV by a healthy margin.

2). The incredible penetration of smartphones: In the recent times, it is observed that more and more people are accessing the internet through their mobile phones. Experts poring through the sale of smartphones globally believe that at present around a third of the global population uses smartphones. And the projected users of smartphones by 2019 is said to be around 2.7 billion. As the penetration of the smartphones increases further, more and more people will begin to connect to the internet through their smartphones as opposed to Desktops or Laptops. This fact is pushing companies to make their websites and advertisement campaigns compatiblewith the smaller mobile screens.

3). People are spending more time on theInternet: Internet is a very dynamic media in which the viewer can look for a myriad number of programs, articles or videos. This makes it distinct from the TV or print medium where an individual has to read or watch only those programs or articles that are shown on the TV or printed in a newspaper and magazines. A recent research shows that now people spend more time with their mobile phone than with TV, newspaper, radio and magazines combined. This gives the internet an incredible reach making it so popular with the digital marketing agencies to mount their advertisement campaign.

4) The enviable reach of the social media: The exploding userbase of the social media is changing the dynamics of how we interact with each other. Social media is not a single entity but a combination of different platforms that allows people across the globe to interact in a way that was not possible earlier. The social media consists of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube and much more. According to experts who follow the workings of social media, the monthly user base of Facebook is more than 2 billion and that of the Twitter is around 1.5 billion. If we combine these two only, then we see that their numbers is slightly more than half of the world’s population figure. This huge chunk of account holders has made the social media platform the darling of digital marketing companies worldwide.

5). The rise and rise of internet-basedbusiness: More and more companies are doing their business on the Internet than ever before. If we look at the statistics, then we will find that in 30 seconds more than 1.2 million of dollar worth of deals are done on the e-commerce platform. This is an incredible number and shows how important the digital economy has become. Several large scales online retail stores have flourished in this environment and have reached dizzying heights of success. According to one research done by a market research firm, in America, more 43 percent of the online retail business is done through the Amazon.

6). Companies can directly interact with its customers: Nowadays, it is increasingly seen that people are reporting their approval or displeasure of any product or services through anonline platform. This gives the top management accurate picture of the likes and dislikes of its clients.

7). The Internet is very important for the advertisers: As the world is galloping towards a more wired economy, advertisers are also following the breadcrumbs. Online advertisement is far more effective in converting a visitor to a buyer compared to the traditional advertising mode. People are using the search engines to look for any product and services. Google alone account for 40,000 searches every second, this makes it a gold mine of opportunity for the online marketing agencies.

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