8 Amazing Diwali Gifts For Your BFF

amazing diwali gifts

Let’s rejoice as the festival of lights is almost here to bring a smile to our loved ones’ beautiful face. Diwali is all about spending some quality time with the ones who matter including our family, relatives and friends over making some love-filled moments with them. From coming together to decorate the house with diyas, lights, etc, to pampering each other over some thoughtful/ keepsakes Diwali gifts online, Diwali brings everyone together closer than ever before. Quite just like everyone else expects you to gift something that they have wished for, your BFF (best friend forever) is no different in wanting the same.  To help you figure out some of the amazing Diwali gifts for your BFF, we have crafted a list for the same. Be it that your best friend couldn’t make it to your Diwali party, this year or that you are looking to pamper him/her with some “thanks for making it to my Diwali party” gift, each of these gifts are absolutely perfect. Take cues and start your shopping!

  1. God Idol – As everyone worships Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi on Diwali, it makes a great token of love, care and well wishes to pamper your BFF on the occasion of Diwali. Not just these god idols can be gifted but beautiful god idols of Lord Buddha, Goddess Durga can be also gifted to your BFF to shower the Almighty’s blessings on them.
  2. Ethnic Piece of Apparel – One loves to flaunt their ethnic best attire during such auspicious occasions and festivals. Which is exactly why an ethnic piece of apparel for your BFF from some Indian wear brand will be perfect. You can shop for a traditional short kurta or a kurta- pyjama suit set for your male BFF or some beautiful saree or suit pieces for your girl BFF.
  3. Artistic Night Lamp – As Diwali is all about spreading happiness and lightening up everyone’s lives, an artistic night lamp will be absolutely loved by your BFF. He/she can place this lamp and light it up on his/her bedside table say bye-bye to darkness.
  4. Traditional Vase – Every once in a while, one has been gifted some flowers but not something trendy as a traditional vase. Isn’t it? A traditional vase speaks of our richness in Indian handicrafts as it draws everyone’s attention. You can shop for some beautifully crafted traditional vase online at some store or at some local handicrafts fair.
  5. Photo Frame – Festivals like Diwali ensure that we end up earning some beautiful memories for this life and beyond. It’s time to get some of those memories framed over a nice photo frame to flaunt your love for your BFF. You can go with a personalised photo frame or even with a regular one, as per what your budget permits.
  6. Funky Clock – For the times you both have spent together and for many more such time that lies ahead, a funky clock is sure to brighten up your BFF’s day. Everytime your BFF catches a glance at the time, he/she will be reminded of you and your kind gifting gesture.
  7. Traditional Clutch Bag/ Wallet – There are many people who love to have a nice time along with their friend and family playing BINGO on Diwali. A traditional bag for a female BFF or a nice wallet for male BFF will make a great handy gift which will keep all the belongings alongwith the cash prize earned by your BFF on the Diwali day.
  8. Grooming Set – Give your BFF a little nudge as you gift him/her a set of grooming essentials to help him/her get ready for a perfect diwali date. You can purchase an already-existing grooming hamper or can customise it accordingly as per his/her usage.

So, these were some of the amazing diwali gifts that will be perfect for your BFF. 

Rajesh Saini

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