A Take On FAQs About 9Apps

A Take On FAQs About 9Apps

If 9apps is defined in normal terms then it is something similar to the Play Store in android phones by which one can download wallpapers, every other apps, games, ringtones etc. It offers some better features than any other app store. This is also an app store for android but it cannot be downloaded from the app store you will be required to download it separately by looking for its setup on the internet. It is developed by the Alibaba Group Company and it is one of the most used app storesin the country of China. Below will be the list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about 9Apps and it will also contain the answers to it. Follow the article below for the FAQs.

Is 9Apps Free To Download?

The most frequent and basic question asked about 9Apss is that whether this app store is free to download or not and the answer to this question is that this app store is totally free to download but yeah there might be some advertisements in the apps you download from it. One can download it directly from the internet.

Do 9Apps Work on Every OS?

There are different types of OS working in the mobile industry then people often ask about 9Apps that does it available for every kind of Operating System but this app store is not available for every OS and it is just available for Android operating system. There are some fake websites spreading hoaxes about 9apps that it is available for other OS as well and by this, they fool people to visit their website so they can forcefully make one install unnecessary apps. One should be aware of these websites and do not entertain any such information given by these websites.

Can This Be Downloaded From Play Store?

When you are using an android mobile phone then it has a default app store which is Google Play Store and if you want to download any app you normally download it from that only. This might make you think that you can also download 9Apps as well from Play Store but you will not be able to find it on Play Store and one has to download it separately from the internet.

Do 9Apps Have Any Kind Of Safety Threats?

In the age of fast driven technology where everything is digitalized there are many threats to a mobile phone in this era so when you are downloading something on your mobile then you want to make sure that it is safe. 9Apps has been created by taking care of every safety measurements so it is totally safe to install on your mobile phone and there are no threats involved in it.

What IS The Size Of This App Store?

9appshas a file size of 2.3 megabytes which is not much for any normal android mobile phone.

9Apps is one of the best app stores with advanced features than any other app store in which one can also download ringtones, wallpapers and many other extra things which are not available in many other app stores.

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