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WordPress Security Plugins

There are more than 20 million websites which get infected by malware every day. Hackers hack a website up to 44 times every week. It includes both the WordPress and non-WordPress sites. That’s a lot of damage one can expect from such attacks at a higher frequency. But once you start using the WordPress security plugin, it protects your website from any Hacking, malware attack or brute force attack. Let see why to use WordPress security plugin,

Reason to use security Plugins

  • You can lose relevant data and also can forget website hosting access. You can be locked out by
  • Hackers and they can easily steal the sensitive data which might belong to you or your customers.
  • The website can be destroyed all at once. This will cascade effect on the brand reputation, and automatically you will start losing your SEO Ranking. You will register low traffic on your website, thus leading to financial losses.

From above, we now understand why it’s important to scan your WordPress site for security. Cleaning the hacked site, that too without the help of a professional is tough for any non-technical user.Thus to avoid Hacking follow the security protocols to protect your website malicious attacks.

You can follow the WordPress security guide step by step

One of the best steps to secure the WordPress site is to by starting the use of a security plugin. This plugin helps us to protect our website and block any brute force cyber-attack by cyberbullies.

If you are using WordPress site, then without any hesitation, install the plugin. Let’s now see what the benefits of installing a WordPress security plugin are.

Secure the login page

Giving a strong password is the first step to secure the login page as the login page is the main target of hackers on any website. If they bypass this page, then everything is going to be a cakewalk for them as once they are in by hacking admin login, then all the information is exposed and hackers can do anything with that. Thus hardening the login page will make it difficult for the hackers to access your website.

Database Security

The WordPress database storage has all the site related configuration information’s as well as user data. Database security plugin provides a backup to your data and at the same time encrypts you database attributes, tables and information so that if by Chace hackers are into it they cannot understand the data and database to do the damage.


This is the first line of protection that lets you block anything malicious from coming in. You might have heard of firewalls in personal desktops or laptops, but they also work the same way in hosting servers. If your hosting server has got are liable firewall software running by to protect the data it has then obviously your website becomes immune to any threat from Hacking.

In the end, we can say that if we go for these three security measures we can at least ensure that our website is at minimal threat from hackers though hackers are becoming more aggressive day by day so is the security features. It’s just that we, as users and website owners, should be aware of the same.

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