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7 Amazing Web Design Trends Every Designer Should Know in 2019

Amazing Web Design
Amazing Web Design

The trustworthiness and credibility of any business are always judged by the design of the website of the company. Around 75 percent of the customers rely upon the company’s website which will convince them about its product and services. Professional website designers have created an interesting relationship with different ideas of the trend.

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In today’s generation, the visitors of the web are more judgmental and sharper than it was before. Surprisingly, the generation is growing up with the unlimited access of the Internet and thus, a large percentage of the population is using the Internet.

According to a recent study, it has been observed that the consumer of about 97% does the research about any products online before buying it from respective shopping apps.

The idea that “Creativity is Knowing How to Hide Your Sources”- a Quote which is attributed to the famous Albert Einstein is going to be true for this entity too! Don’t you think so?

In this article, you will be introduced with 7 such amazing web design trends 2019, which are contributed by the renowned modern tastemakers for reinventing this vast entity of Website Design.

Moreover, these web trends 2019 are playing an immense role in the reputation of your brand, which will make your bottom line and future as well.

So, here are the trends which will make you more dependable on digital marketing:

  1. Integrated Videos

Today, it is not necessary to point out that we are all familiar to Smartphone and other Internet accessibility gadgets. Whenever we start to surfing any particular site, we can see some videos which have started automatically.

Usually, people love them and according to SEO, the video is the autonomous one that captures the attention of the people like no one. It improves in securing a good rank and position in the Search Engine Optimization and boosts the SEO ratings of your website respectively.

It is a tactic which grabs the attention of the web visitors and helps them to stick to the website for a long time which enhances its ratings.

Gradually, the video becomes the strategic element of web design. In this generation, professional web designers insert welcome videos which can create a good impression on the visitors. Then, you can find another demonstrating video on the mandatory “how-to” page.

  1. Dynamic Scrolling

Till the last year, websites pages were laid in with text-dense, long and in a few numbers. Thus, scrolling was almost out of the trend! But, a recent study shows that people are finding their interest in short pages with interesting information stippled over them.

Web development trends 2019 are completely vice-versa to this! Scrolling is reentering in the trend and the credit completely goes to the scattered content. The engaging and well-designed web pages are full of crisp, readable, easy-to-understand contents. This will enforce the visitors to scroll down to look for some more about the services and products.

The illustrative videos provide well and good incorporation to these pages. The practice of dynamic scrolling has been changed narrowly and reintroduced with the exclusive website design ideas. In this design, the scrolling has been made intentional in such a point which makes the reader engaged with the content.

  1. Introduction of Mobile Apps

Nowadays, we can hardly found any people without a Smartphone. The features of this particular device win million of hearts and dominating the era of digitalization. Mobile apps are the short term of Mobile Applications which are specially designed to use on Smartphone.

With the introduction of these applications, we can only found stand-alone applications. But, later the designers have worked hard to categorize each of the apps and integrate them in the same category which can be surfed with the help of the primary website.

This has been proved to provide seamless effort and optimal performance during browsing. Earlier this integration is offered with a number of complex user interface layers, but the simple steps of user interface recognize the style as website trends 2019.

  1. Bold and bright colors

It is natural that the color of the home page of the website is quite bright. Computer screen delivers more saturated and vibrant color which is brighter than the printing media. It has been noticed that the right composition of color creates a good impact on the percentage of the visitors and on the lasting time simultaneously.

It will make the text easy-to-read and more appealing visually to the readers. 2019 web design is all about bold color compositions which will catch the eye of the visitors at a glance!

  1. Gradients

The gradient is one of the crucial trends which shouldn’t be missed! It seems that bright colors goes hand-in-hand with this composition. In fact, it is popularly known as one of the latest website design trends 2019. The modern screen technology makes this job easier than it was before with its masterful execution.

It helps the designer to choose the appropriate color blending which will provide a fantastic look to the gradients. These are important for the look of the website appropriately designed for a particular field in the business world.

Moreover, it will make the looks of the website more appealing to the visitors and they will simply impress by its outlook.

  1. Custom illustration and graphic design

There is a way which will help you to create your mark in the crowded marketplace. You have to create your website in such a way so that it can be easily distinguished by the web visitors and readers.

For creating a distinguishable mark, you have to create your own templates. 2019 graphic design trends have come with more advanced and more customizable templates. In this trend, the web design will intensify your business to grow rapidly.

  1. More white space

Clustering of contents along with pictures and videos are out of the trend in website designing. Best websites design promotes lots of space in the page and the contents are arranged beautifully all over it.

This trend is in because; it makes the website looks interesting and easy-to-read. The navigation all over the pages also becomes easier than it was before. Basically, the white pages have to be filled with illustrative photographs.

There are many more trends which you can look for in 2019 for website design. They are going to incorporate these seven amazing trends. It is said that these will be used for web design services for small businesses as well as for large businesses respectively.


Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development company in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients. Follow him on@twitter

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