Automation Testing 5 Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Automation testing

During the early years of software development, manual testing was enough to ensure the application’s functionality. However, in this new generation of DevOps, it is very important to update and improve the software framework constantly. Thus, it is very important to perform automation testing to achieve these goals. During the early years of testing, the entire process was corrupted, resource-intensive, tedious, and time-consuming. Various reasons made the companies believe Automation testing can help them to improve the testing procedure. However, it would be best if you did not implement Automation Testing blindly in your testing environment. This is because a blind implementation of Automation Testing can give rise to user errors and serious consequences. These mistakes can be so serious that your company might lose the trust of clients. Thus, it will cause huge losses in time and money.

In this article, we will discuss the major automated testing mistakes that will cause you huge losses. Additionally, we will discuss various methods to help you solve this mistake and increase a company’s testing capabilities.

  1. The Urge to Adopt 100% Test Automation

One of the massive mistakes that the new automation testers make is creating a gigantic list of stuff for testing and starting by crossing them off one by one. These testers fail to realize whether certain things need to be automated or not. As a tester, you must remember that your ultimate goal is to create high-quality apps without compromising the functionality. Automation Testing helps to serve this code and promote the growth of all software development companies. However, it is really important to consider whether Automation Testing will benefit certain development and testing processes.

100% Automation is considered to be one of the top myths of the software testing industry. One of the greatest mistakes that the software testers make is Automation Testing to solve all testing issues. Most new testers do not believe that certain factors are completely unfit for automated testing. The main motive for the introduction of Automation Testing is to reduce the workload in the testing environment. Thus, the testers should not consider automated testing as a substitute for manual testing. For instance, certain tests like usability and interactive testing are completely dependent on the human eye. Thus, the testing teams should have a clear idea about the areas they should automate and their places.

The frequency of the test also plays a vital role in determining whether you should automate it or not. For instance, it is ineffective to automate those tests that you run once or twice a year. It is also not a good idea to automate all forms of regression testing in your testing environment. Thus, the best solution is to automate all the repetitive tests in a testing process. It will help you to save a lot of time and effort.

  1. Selecting the Incorrect Automation Testing Tools

With the increasing popularity of Automation Testing, there are many automation tools introduced in the market every day. Thus, the testing companies have a hard time choosing the perfect automation tool according to their business requirements. It is a waste of time if you choose a tool that requires lots of customization and workload. Many experts believe that even massive companies fail to choose the correct tool. So, before starting your venture to choose the tool, you must overlook all the marketing campaigns. The first stage of choosing the tool is finding out the problem in a testing environment. Then, you should verify whether the tool can solve that problem. You should not randomly choose a tool and expect it to solve the testing problems in simple terms.

Additionally, it would be best if you tried to check the Automation Testing tool’s compatibility with your testing team’s skills. It is a better option to avoid those that require extensive learning of various programming languages. The tool must have all the features for automation testing. It should also have certain provisions for manual testing. A free trial version of any Automation Testing tool will help you verify its compatibility with your testing framework. During the automation tool’s trial run, you must give free hand practice to your testers. This process will help you analyze your testing team’s skills and feel-in any gaps if required.

  1. Consider Open-Source as a Primary Factor for Tools

Open-source tools have become the primary choice for many major companies in the Software Development Industry. The primary reason for the popularity of these tools is that there are no licensing fees required. However, you must remember that every open-source tool comes with its own set of limitations. The first limitation is that these tools have very limited compatibility based on various companies’ business requirements. Secondly, you must remember that all open-source tools will not come with every feature and function required for automation testing.

Additionally, you will require more technical knowledge to use open-source tools for automation testing. For instance, you won’t have any customer support to help you with any obstacle while using these tools. Thus, there might be a panic in your development team if your team fails to have the required technical knowledge to troubleshoot any issue. This entire process also causes a lot of time wastage in the software development life cycle.

Thus, if you do not have the required budget to pay the licensing fees, you might need to change things a bit. For instance, you must verify the technical skills and expertise of your testers while recruiting them. Additionally, many companies overlook the missing versatility in the open-source automation testing tools. These are the primary reasons that cause a lot of confusion during the testing period of the application.

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  1. Controlling the Entire Testing Phase with User Interface

Many testers believe that it is one of the best choices to control the entire testing system through UI. Additionally, you will find various tutorials that will encourage you to take this approach at the beginning of your software testing career. However, testers fail to realize that this is one of the slowest processes to test an application.

You might not feel any change at the beginning of the testing phase, but slowly you will realize that you started taking more time than usual. Additionally, if you encounter any error during the initial phase of the testing process, the test reports will likely get corrupt. Thus, this process will cause a huge delay in feedback and slow down the website testing process’s activity log.

As a tester, you must be concerned about getting the test completed instead of moving to the next phase. In the worst-case scenario, you might find yourself matching the testing environment’s test code, facing failures, and rerunning every test. These are the primary reasons that can cause the downfall of any software development company.

  1. Improper Communication with the Members of the Testing Team

Change is an important part of every aspect of human life. However, you must have proper communication and training to cope up with these changes. The test automation framework is relatively new to the Software Development Industry. Although it is Innovative, Development companies do not have much experience with this technology. Thus, the entire testing team needs proper training to utilize the full potential of automation testing. For instance, development companies can conduct training documents, workshops, seminars, and meetings to explain the staff’s entire process.

Smooth communication is an integral part of automation testing. This means that the end-users, developers, and test managers must have proper access to live data about the software development life cycle. This communication can help to prevent various issues like weakness in guidance and wrong directions. Thus, the testing team can match their efforts and increase the performance of the testing environment.

The companies can integrate various skillsets with the help of proper coordination and improved communication. The test managers must remember that every member of the team has different skills. Thus, better coordination will help to understand the specialty of every member based on the testing phase. Additionally, it will also increase the product delivery pace and help to troubleshoot various automation test scripts. The managers can also allot proper positions to the members if they know their respective skills. Thus, it is easy to adopt a new approach with appropriate collaboration, training, and communication.

Why LambdaTest?

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The Final Verdict

Even the best organizations fall prey to the mistakes that we discussed in this article. As a tester, you have to follow the best practices for automation testing. Therefore, you must have a fair idea about everything you should do and avoid utilizing your full potential as an automation tester. Automation Testing has massive benefits as long as you can properly implement it in a testing environment. It is important to understand that even the smallest bugs can lead to massive disasters in the application development process.

Thus, it is important to avoid all the issues that can cost you losses in time and money. In simple terms, the testing teams must keep everything going correctly to keep up with the competitive Agile market. So, you must note these mistakes and ensure never to let them happen in your testing environment. Lastly, we recommend all the readers check out LambdaTest as the ultimate solution to all Automation Testing issues. The online Selenium grid of LambdaTest helps the testers to perform automation testing on the applications easily.

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