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7 Tips To Write an Awesome Facebook Post

Awesome Facebook Post

Facebook is the best social media for promoting your brand and engaging more customers. But finding the right post for your page can be tough. Even if you have reached different pages and use the techniques that worked for them, they might not work for you.

A marketer has to keep learning new tricks and experiment so that they can find out things that work for you. Let’s discuss a few tips on creating Facebook posts for getting more likes, comments, and share.

Here are the 7 tips to write an awesome Facebook post:

1. Create a road-map for posting

While posting, a brand needs to keep their target customer and their needs in mind. To provide relevant posts for them, you need a plan. You can’t post anything and to make sure you are uploading a relevant content, create a road map.

A road-map that covers all the topics relevant to your brand will help you make fresh content and post them on Facebook. Like for instance if you work in the cosmetic industry, the road map will consist of topics like best makeup products of this week, best makeup look, tips for summer makeup and so on.

After the roadmap, create a calendar, it will help you schedule a time for your FB post. In simple words, allot time for one type of post for the entire week or so. It also gives you ample of time to curate images for the post.

2. Ask questions

The goal of any Facebook post is to engage more consumers in discussions. The best way to do that is by asking them a question. The thing to remember about a question post is to keep it direct. Don’t post open-ended questions. Also, two response type questions work wonders.

3. Keep the post short

Almost every brand has a Facebook page. Moreover, people create and follow fan-made pages of their favorite show/movie. All this makes the feed of a consumer crowded. Users skim through the posts, so make sure your FB post is short but impactful. Keep the post short and crisp; their word count must be 80-160 character.

4. Analyze your business before posting

On Facebook, you can post four types of post- Video, Text messages, Images, and link. A survey proved that video posts engage the most consumer followed by text, links, and images.

But for different businesses, different things work. For that, you have to analyze your business and post accordingly.

Analyze the goal of your business and then use analytics to see whether the types of post you are posting are working for you or not. For example, if you want to inform people about your brand then use video and images. But if you want them to act like check your blog, a link would work better.

5. Use hashtags while posting on FB

Contrary to the popular belief that hashtags only work on Instagram, they work wonders on Facebook too.  A buffer study showed how Facebook posts with hashtags performed better than a post with no hashtags.

They are best when you are posting about a topic that is trending or if they promote your brand. Test popular hashtags in your posts and see if they work for you or not.

6. Positive and informational posts work best

While posting on Facebook or any other social media, remember that no one like to read a negative post. The most hit is on posts that are funny inspirational and positive. Yes, negative posts do appear in our feeds, but if you notice the no of likes, comment, and share of that particular post is quite low.

Moreover, the goal of your social media is to inform people about your brand and check your products/blogs/websites. So, provide them with data that makes them click on it. But don’t relive too much information. It would decrease the no of people visiting your website or blog if they know everything through your FB post only.

7. Keep experimenting with your publishing time

A report by HubSpot states that the best publishing time for your post is Thursday and Friday. Posting on Monday through Wednesday is the worst and affects your engagement level. But it can differ for brands. The best way to figure out what time and day work for your page is to analyze the post. Use Facebook Insights for this and post accordingly.

I hope these tips will help your Facebook page get more hits. If you are struggling with post ideas and how to get more traffic, you must try these tricks. Let me know in the comments if I missed some crucial points.

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