Bad Mood Foods: Foods That Can Ruin Your Mood


In reality, bad mood can be the cause of many problems. It can be involved in the gloomy weather, the external factors or the change of hormone in the pregnant period.

However, it can be also referred to as the food you eat. Despite the fact that you cannot castigate your food for ruining your mood(Foods Ruin Mood), some certain substances in your food act as a catalyst to your anxiety or your disappointment.

As for some empirical studies, the process of digesting food may enable people to be more sensitive, preferably for those who spend excessive sugar.

Learning about how foods impact your bodies, you can set a limit on using some specific types of them to get your life easier.

Here are some foods which have a negative effect on your mood.

1. Coffee


As far as we are concerned, coffee has a certain level of caffeine which can result in the increment of cortisol degree.

Higher cortisol measure may overwhelmingly excite you or let you in the state of anxious suspense. Reducing an amount of coffee consumption, you will lessen your chance of being negatively stimulated by caffeine.

2. Margarine


Margarine is regarded as an alternatively salutary choice for butter. However, margarine is also a huge source of trans fat.

Trans fat can be deleterious for your mood in fact. Apart from margarine, trans fat is a substance found in some fried foods such as fried meat, pizza or potato chips.

There are some researches explaining that artery-clogging fats contribute to trepidation and discomfort.

3. Cold meats

In this busy life, some kinds of cold meats such as ham can be convenient and time-saving. However, it is considered one of the most likely reason contributing to the mood spiraling.

Most cold meats are usually processed with food dyes, many pungent additives such as sugar, salt or preservative substances, which acts as a catalyst to the erratic mood.

4. Peanuts


Unprocessed peanuts in the original state are quite beneficial for health indeed. However, through procession with food additives such as salt, sugar monosodium glutamate, peanuts can be a trouble for your head and your mood.

For some scientists, monosodium glutamate found in processed peanuts can bring in migraines and low mood. Preferably, people should eat raw peanuts which are much more beneficial for health.

Peanuts also have a poly-phenolic anti-oxidant which prevent heart diseases.

5. Potato chips


Potato chips are usually processed with oils which are full of omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acid, however, precludes Omega-3 fatty acids (a salutary substance for ameliorating bad mood) from being absorbed.

Therefore, rather than use potato chips as a favorite snack, people should use some nuts such as almonds for a balanced mood and balanced body.

6. Canned soup

Canned soup can be deleterious for health due to its pernicious substances such as bisphenolfound in can in the process of making plastic.

Bisphenol is said to be one of the most likely causes to get butterflies in your stomach. Erratic mood and anxiety are said to be directly involved with bisphenol.

Therefore, to get rid of being harmed by the plastic can, people can make use of natural constituents such as pumpkin to store and preserve foods.

7. Processed pumpkin seeds

Raw pumpkin seeds can be a perfect choice for your health. However, in fact, they are coated with some preservative substances such as potassium bromated.

Potassium bromated can deter iodide from being metabolized by the thyroid. Ironically, the thyroid is crucial for assuaging bad feelings and maintaining good moods.

Therefore, using pumpkin seeds too regularly can have adverse impact on your mood balance.

8. Bagels


Bagels which are full of refined carbs do harm for your health and your mood actually. However, many of us believe that they are beneficial for health as a perfect choice of breakfast.

Eating bagels too regularly can bring in mood bust and energy redundancy before the lunch begins.

Therefore, cutting down the amount of bagels in breakfast can enhance your feelings indeed.

9. Fizzy drinks


Regardless of the irresistible temptation of soda, you must get rid of them due to its adverse impact on your mood. Fizzy drinks with high sugar which also means high carbohydrates will exacerbate your mood.

Instead of drinking some fizzy drinks such as coke, you can use juice as an alternative choice.

10. Egg whites

Whereas yolk contains some nutrient substances such as omega 3 or vitamin B12 which paves the way for remaining stable mood and providing energy but high in cholesterol, egg whites do not totally own these nutrients.

Therefore, those who just eat egg whites cannot enjoy these substances beneficial for improving mood actually.



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