9 Awesome Electronic Beauty Gadgets


Gadgets have taken over the world! We rely on them so much that it is impossible to imagine life without them. Even in our beauty regimens, gadgets have made us highly dependent. Many people believe that beauty gadgets are not very effective and spending on them is wastage of money. However, some gadgets are actually game-changers. Some expensive beauty treatments involving simple exfoliation, cleansing, and hair removal are quite popular. What people don’t know is that there are efficient beauty gadgets designed specifically for these purposes and can be used conveniently at home. And guess what! It’s only a one-time investment. These professional beauty devices, just like the Hughesnet packages, continue to be of benefit for a long time.
Our list is about some amazing beauty gadgets designed to deal with a multitude of hair and beauty concerns.

Top 9 Beauty Devices to Take Your Beauty Game to the Next Level

  1. Foreo (For Cleansing)
  2. Philips Electric Toothbrush (For oral hygiene)
  3. GHD Straightener (For straightening)
  4. Temptu (For make-up)
  5. DERMAFLASH Luxe Facial Exfoliating Device (For exfoliation and hair removal)
  6. GloPro (For body)
  7. Cloud Nine (For curling hair)
  8. LumaRx Full Body Hair Removal System (For hair removal)
  9. Neutrogena (For acne)

Let’s know these devices better!

Foreo (for cleansing)

This is one of the best gadgets to achieve flawless skin. It cleanses your face and neck thoroughly and deeply. And it stimulates your lymphatic drainage and works on reducing puffiness. Foreo comes with an incredibly long-lasting battery. It is lightweight and easy to carry while traveling. Another plus is its silicone, bacteria-resistant bristles. You won’t need a brush replacement unlike many cleansing brushes on the market.

Philips Electric Toothbrush (for oral hygiene)

A smile that flaunts your flashy, clean, and pearly-white teeth is an essential part of a beautiful face. And hygiene has a timeless relationship with true beauty. Philips has an elegantly designed electric toothbrush that ensures flawless cleanliness. It is handy and comes with a travel-friendly charger. It boasts of five cleaning modes. They are sensitive, clean, gum care, polish, and white. It gives advanced whitening and cleaning for improved and better gum health.

GHD Straightener (for straightening)

We all love straight hair. There is a good range of quality straighteners on the market. But GHD stands out on account of the well-conducted research and coming up with exceptional hair straighteners. Not only they straighten up your hair flawlessly, but also you don’t have to compromise on the health of your hair.

Temptu (for make-up)

Get your hands on this incredible gadget to experience what ‘air-brushing’ really means. Also, applying foundation flawlessly is not going to be a chore anymore. Temptu, a cordless device that sprays foundation in ultra-thin and light layers onto your skin. It kills the need of using brushes to apply foundation. For all makeup lovers out there, this is must-have. Experience what a sheer foundation finish and full coverage feel like!

DERMAFLASH Luxe Facial Exfoliating Device (for exfoliation and hair removal)

What’s better than an exfoliator that is also a hair removal device? If you are thinking that DERMAFLASH is a shaver, then the answer is No. Have you heard about derma planning, a medical-grade, and professional exfoliating treatment that is only available in a medical spa or a doctor’s office? This fancy device is similar to this treatment. It gently removes the peach fuzz and outer layer of your skin to make your skin smoother and more receptive to skin care products. Also, if your facial hair is becoming coarser and thicker, this device will shave them off and discourage the growth.

GloPro (for the body)

The beauty world is astounded at the innumerable benefits of the procedure called micro needling. It effectively stimulates collagen production. People pay hundreds of bucks to get it done to their faces. But have you ever focused on addressing the other problem areas in your body? They need the same treatment too. That’s why investing in a GloPro device is a great idea. You can use it to treat the other parts of your body like thighs, abdomen, arms, and so on. Imagine getting a smoother, refined, and firmer body and that too at home!

Cloud Nine (for curling hair)

Cloud Nine has one of the best curlers on the market. If you want to create smoother curls or loose waves, you need to use the temperature-controlling wand. It comes with a free and useful heatproof glove, a travel bag, and a paddle brush. The wand comes with a nice handy kickstand to keep it on.

LumaRx Full Body Hair Removal System (for hair removal)

With approaching summers, this device is nothing but a godsend! So, when you say that it is pricey, the effectiveness is unmatchable. We would highly recommend investing in a hair removal device. After all, who wants to shave every single day? It wouldn’t be wrong to call this gadget a blessing. It reduces your body hair permanently.

Neutrogena (for acne)

For all those with acne concerns, this revolutionary light therapy by Neutrogena will address your acne-related problems. It is comfortable to wear and lightweight. Also, it features blue and red light which targets the unwanted breakouts for a more even and a clearer complexion. Just like Hughesnet Customer Service is the best amongst all ISP customer care services, Neutrogena is the best brand for acne-related concerns.

All these are promising alternatives to expensive cosmetic procedures. Embrace the future of beauty and try some of these impressive devices!

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