Best Food Of Punjab, Don’t Forget To Taste It

Best Food Of Punjab

Punjab is loved not only by the native but also by foreign tourists. Be it catering, dressing, famous place of Punjab, all are unique in themselves. Apart from this, the language of the people of Punjab attracts tourists. Apart from all this, the delicious food of Punjab attracts tourists. From native to Punjabi, foreigners live abroad. If you are also planning to visit Punjab, then do not forget to taste some of the delicious dishes here.

Talking about the mines of Punjab, the parathas here are very famous. You will get a lot of variety in paratha. You can taste parathas of potato, cabbage, peas, carrots, radishes etc. Pickles, butter and yogurt add to the taste of these different parathas.

Sarso Ka Saag
Tourists should not come to visit Punjab and taste Sarso Ka Saag. Talking about the taste of Saag, it is famous not only in Punjab but in India. There is one thing that in Punjab, the talk of eating Sarso Ka Saag does not happen anywhere else.

Dal Tadka
Ordinary Dal Tadka is made in every home and hotel, but dal tadka made in Punjab has a different taste. Punjab made the ordinary lentils more delicious by tempering them in their own way.

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Tandoori Naan
The trend of tandoori naan found almost at hotels started from Punjab. Therefore, eating Naan in Punjab is its own fun. In Punjab, Naan will be eaten in many varieties. You will also find naan filled with paneer, chicken and potato-cabbage in different types of naan.

Dal Makhni
Dal Makhani is a dish from Punjab that has made a place in every household. Apart from this, you get dal makhni at almost hotels. Tourists visiting Punjab definitely get a taste of Dal Makhani.

The scene of drinking lassi in a large glass is seen more in Punjab. Tourists visiting here definitely taste lassi. Lassi is prepared with creamy curd. Lassi can be found in every city, but the point of these Punjabi lassi is something else.

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