Which is the best hair dryer to buy?

best hair dryer
best hair dryer

Want to buy a best hair dryer? With so many choices, models, brands, it becomes harder to select the best one. The purchase of a hair dryer can be complicated. And that is why we will explain to you what you should pay attention to if you want to purchase one! We think it is important that you ask yourself exactly what you want to do with the hair dryer. Are you planning to really only dry your hair or do you want to style (extensively)? Very important for your choice!

A hair dryer has long ceased to be considered a luxury item. He is in every house, women and men, adults and children are actively using it. With the help of such a device, you can not only dry your hair, but also make a stylish styling without much effort. Among the whole variety of devices that are available for sale, it can be very difficult to choose the best option for the home. When choosing, it is worth considering many different factors to make a really good purchase.

As a rule, professional appliances are much more expensive than household appliances. To purchase such a device for the home is not particularly necessary: many professional stylists claim that a simple user will not notice much of a difference. In addition, due to inexperience, you can accidentally harm the hair and scalp using a device with high power.

A small selection of options: number of watts, weight, number of drying and temperature settings, cool shot function, sound, price, diffuser options, engine life, additional options such as extension cord length, suspension ring, removable filter and color. WOW! Let’s start with the purpose of purchasing a hair dryer.

Best Hair Dryer for Blow Drying

If you are only going to blow-dry your hair, then a simple hair dryer with two heat settings and one blowing speed is sufficient. A hair dryer from our range that comes closest to a basic hair dryer is the Philips HP8100 with 1000 watts. This Philips hair dryer is one of the best hair dryers for a soft price that you can use very well! Buy a hair dryer that will only dry your hair? Recommended. Great product!

A device of this type for ordinary home use can be much more convenient than a professional one: its functionality is quite sufficient both to simply dry your hair and to create a fashionable hairstyle. Such devices have a very reasonable price and will be an excellent choice. Modern household hair dryers, just like professional hair dryers, have protective options such as air ionization and will not harm hair even with regular use. Most often, such devices have only one operating mode. Of course, such a device is not suitable for regular use, but it will be a great solution for travel. In addition, its price is often low.

Not only drying, but also styling? Then the story suddenly becomes a whole lot more extensive. Of course there are options that are important both when drying your hair and when styling your hair. But let’s discuss all the options under this heading for convenience, because we really only have professional hair dryers in our range, which are also meant for styling! Will it come?

Number of Wattage / Power

The number of wattage (power) says something about the power of the hair dryer. The higher the number of watts, the more powerful the hair dryer is, the faster your hair dries! Often the same applies: the higher the wattage, the warmer the blower can blow (more about the heat settings later!).

But what do you need in terms of capacity? BestForYourHome offers hair dryers between 1800-2400 watts. If you have thin hair, you can blow-dry fine with 1800 watts. Do you have very thick hair? Then you better go for a drying tool with a higher capacity.

Number of Speed and Temperature Positions

A professional hair dryer often offers multiple speed and temperature settings. How fast and how hot you put the hair dryer depends on your hair type (thin or thick) and the wetness of your hair.

If you have thin hair and towel dry hair, you can easily put the hair dryer on a low speed setting with the lowest temperature setting. If you have thick, soaked hair, then it is best to blow with a little more volume and on a slightly warmer position.

But beware, the warmer you put the hair dryer, the higher the chance of dehydration (and therefore damage) of your hair! Preferably never use the highest heat setting. Do you have 3 temperature settings? Then choose the lowest or the middle one.

Varieties of hairdryers by manufacturer

In the assortment of most major manufacturers of equipment, you can find similar devices. Of course, it is only up to the consumer to decide which of the brands to give preference to, but it would be most reasonable to take a closer look at famous companies.

Most manufacturers, who are constantly “on hearing”, are responsible for the quality of their products. By choosing a device of a well-known brand, you will receive a guarantee of quality and long service life of the device.

High End Hair Dryers

Its price is often slightly higher than less well-known companies. However, the high price is justified: you do not overpay for the brand, but for quality. The most expensive are professional hair dryers. As a rule, their high price is due to high power, a large number of various additional functions and a fairly wide bundle (usually a large number of additional nozzles are supplied in a set). Such a hairdryer will last you at least 10 years.

Concentrators are designed for both drying and styling. A nozzle with a tapered end is supplied with such a device. This nozzle directs a stream of air in the right direction, which allows you to style your hair using only a hair dryer and a round brush. If you want to keep your styling longer, use the concentrator in cold air mode.

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