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Best Laminate Brand in India

Best Laminate Brand in India

A laminate is permanently constructed with heat, pressure or sheeting. The best laminate brand in India gives you the best and unique designed laminates. Decorative Laminate is a blend of paper and plastic resins. It is a hard and brittle sheet that has a thickness of around 1 millimetre and widely used as an overlay over furniture items, cabinets and also for wall panelling. These sheets have a decorative surface which is made up of decorative printed paper and manufactured in a wide variety of colours, design patterns, and textures which adds a beautiful design to your house.


Laminates are mainly of two types:

  • High-pressure Laminates

The high-pressure laminates are manufactured under a complex process as it involves soaking of the brown paper, decorative paper and translucent into the plastic-based resins. There are multiple layers of kraft paper impregnated with a thermosetting resin.

These papers are pressed and bonded together. The high-pressure laminate is permanently bonded with special glue. To make the bond high pressure and heat were implemented simultaneously for over an hour. Depending on the amount of pressure used in the bonding process, laminates are classified as High-Pressure Laminates or LPL Low-Pressure Laminates.

  • Low-Pressure Laminates

In Low-Pressure Laminates, only the decorative paper is soaked in Melamine resin, and the laminated paper is directly bonded to Particle Boards or Fiber Boards (MDF and HDF).

Best Laminate Brand

There are a substantial number of companies that give the best Laminate Brand in India. Like- Stylam Industries is amongst the greatest laminate brand in India because they provide a substantial number of products along with various types of laminates to your home.

Laminates are appreciated because of their reliable equality — in colour, tone, and robes for designers. With no laminates, the interior infrastructure company cannot outlive. If plywood adds to the human body and functioning of interiors, then laminates render form and ambience to any part.

Why Stylam Is Best Laminate Brand In India?

Stylam Laminates particularly make laminate sheets of elegant brown Kraft newspapers and decorative printed newspapers garnished together with heat & pressure.

Stylam is one of the best Laminate Brand in India among the greatest laminate brands. They try to serve their customers with the highest integrity and to their entire satisfaction. Furthermore, they intend to be certain their homework by constant self-improvement combined with growth in their team and operations while still maintaining profitability for all those clients, workers, and community.

Tenets And Products Of Stylam:


Stylam provides the broadest selection of designs and surfaces available to coincide with the width of your creativity and create your layout distinctively.


Stylam uses premium materials of high-quality standards to keep your design pristine, even in the most strenuous environment.


Stylam maintains a considerable footprint by having Asia’s biggest manufacturing facilities situated at Panchkula, India and provider facilities all over the world to ensure timely delivery.


Stylam is dedicated to giving back to the communities where we live by supporting national and local non-profit organizations with both funding and product.


Stylam committed to preserving our environment and enhancing the quality of life in the communities we serve.


Decorative Laminates

Decorative Laminates are made surfaces, they nevertheless have a massive number of colours, designs, and textures. Based on the surface of the sheets. Cosmetic laminates look and feel will be the vital facts since they are generally utilized to decorate and protect wooden furniture.

Decorative Laminates are generally used by individuals because of the artificially created surfaces.

Acrylic Solid Surface

Acrylic Solid Surface works with a wide assortment of other materials – wood, metal, glass, or natural rock.

Exterior Cladding

FASCIA Exterior Cladding, a STYLAM which has been imagined taking all aspects under consideration. The laminates are made in the lamination process under high temperature and pressure. The particular quality resins give effective weather protection. Be it sunlight, snow or rain, the nature of the laminates is not likely to be dropped. Be certain of shape, colour, and durability.

Rest Room Cubicles 

Stylam products undergo rigorous testing to be certain they transcend quality standards and withstand the test of time. Their team of architects, product layout specialists, and interior designers operate efficiently toward a frequent goal-giving you the freedom to style your spaces in every style.

At the End

There are so many brands out there in the marketplace, buying an excellent laminate getting a daunting endeavour. Stylam Laminates is one of the best laminate brands in India that Specialization in decorative laminates, an extensive range of community, and their world-class grade makes all the above-listed brands a wonderful option to look at when purchasing a laminate.

For more information, visit: STYLAM

Or Call: +91-172-5021555, +91-172-5021666


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