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Ladakh a place of beauty surrounded by lush greenery, deep cut valleys, trekking spots and soothing climate. The place also attracts tourist to its age old monasteries and other religious places. It’s a perfect way to spend days in tranquility. The entire ambiance needs to be seen to be felt. Apart from the beauty of Leh Ladakh what really adds like a cherry on the cake is its “cuisines”. However, anyone who is travelling for the first time might not know about the rich delicious dishes of the hills. There are really dozens of such food items which satisfy both the vegetarians and the non vegetarians taste buds.

These food items have been result of the long shared culture by Tibetans and Indians along with the rare found mountain spices. Hence, if you are ever visiting to Leh Ladakh than don’t forget to try some of its royal dishes to give a treat to your taste buds. As I have told you that there are dozens of dishes and its fairly not possible to try all of them, hence, I have jotted down 3 top  most dishes which you can’t afford to miss. Here is the list, goes:


Momos is not at all remained a new or unheard dish, especially in the north India. As everyone goes crazy about momos no wonder why almost at every market corner you can locate a momo stall. So what’s so unique about Ladakhi momo?

Well, the momo served here are filled with spices which are not easily available in other parts of the country or even if they are available they are not that fresh. Now that’s what make Ladakhi momo special. And trust me once you tasted this dish you will never want to taste momo of any other place. Also, the momos are  served  with a special made soup, which will make you yell Wao!


Thukpa in Tibetan language means noodles and hence it is basically a soup which has noodles and vegetables in it. It’s another highlight of the place which is equally enjoyed by the tourist and the local inhabitants. It is said that it helps them to bear the cold temperature of the place. The soup really beats any other dishes due to its Himalayan spices. However, you can even ask them to add chicken piece to the soup instead of vegetables, as its’ one of the usual choices by many non vegetarians. In both ways the soup leaves nothing to impress any taste bud.

 Khambir and butter tea

These are two different specialties of the place, but often opted by people as a combination. Khambir is a tandoori bread or pan shape roti, which is filled with vegetables and whole wheat. The bread crust is soft, thick and brown in colour. It fills the stomach quickly and is mainly opt for a breakfast or as an evening snack. Also try a jam or omelet with the roti or butter tea. The tea is specially prepared by fermenting miller with the yeast. The combination of the two really compliments well and should be tried once.


These were some of the top dishes or rather snacks which should taste it once to enjoy the richness of Ladakhi spices. There are many famous food outlets or hotels which serve these amazing dishes and available in any Leh Ladakh tour packages.

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