Best ways to track your daughter’s phone


Best ways to track your daughter’s phone

One fine day your daughter comes up to you and asks for your permission to let her go for a party, she keeps on insisting to allow her for the party. Looking at your daughter’s excitement, you helplessly agree to your daughter’s wish and allow her to go but with a condition to be home early. She happily conforms to you. Now it’s been 9 o’clock and your daughter has not arrived yet. You start calling her but she is not responding, you are even calling her friends but no response. Now the situation has become alarming. Unaware of your child’s location and with her phone unreachable, you sit shiftless in your room, having no clue about your well-being of your daughter.

Now let’s rewind the situation. It’s been 9 o’clock and your daughter is not home yet. You try to call her but her phone is unreachable, you even try to call her friends but even that proves to be of no good. What do you do? Instead of sitting helplessly, this time you open your phone, you open the cell phone tracking app and search for your daughter’s location, and you find out that she is on her way to home. Knowing this, you calm down and peacefully wait for your daughter’s arrival.

Now, what was different in both the situations apart from the contrast of felt emotions?  The presence of a savior……… a rescuer. Yes, we are talking about the mobile tracking app. Believe or not, such situations have most certainly occurred in every parent’s life. Hence, it becomes very crucial for their parents to know their child’s location and ensure that their child is safe and mobile tracking apps prove to be of a helping hand for your child’s safety and security.

Parents with the help of these applications can now relax and contently send their daughters out to hang out with their friends. Whether it is a late night party or a field visit to some faraway place, you can always stay connected with your daughter, with the help go these apps. So let us take a look at such applications which will help you track your daughter’s phone;

  1. GPS phone tracker

GPS phone tracker is an eligible tracking app that helps the parent to locate their daughter effectively.  The application requires jelly bean and upper android versions. It helps the user to locate their daughter very effectively, with the help of GPS tracking. It shows real-time location of your daughter on the map so that you can relax and know your child’s location easily. The app has received good reviews and is free of cost.


  • Tracks and monitors your child
  • Displays real-time location of your child on a map
  1. Family GPS trackerFamily GPS tracker

This app takes help of GPS tracking to locate your daughter’s phone. It requires jelly bean and upper version to run. The app helps to locate your daughter in real-time location; it also keeps a record of your daughter’s movements. The app has special child mode, where you’ll be able to hear about the people around your daughter and also allows the user to speak through the phone to their child. It is overall an exceptional application to find and to keep a track on your daughter’s movements. For more information, you can refer to playstore.


  • Monitors and tracks your child’s phone
  • Records movements of your child
  • Notifies you when the child reaches or leaves the desired location
  • Serves the user with special child mode

The application is available on playstore for free. However, it contains in-app purchases.

  1. Find My Friends Find My Friends

A tracking application that will help you track your daughter’s phone efficiently. The application requires jelly bean and upper android versions. With the help GPS, it provides a real-time location of your daughter’s phone. It proves to be very useful in tracking your daughter’s phone and keeping an eye on her. The application has received sound reviews from the users. Hence, download this application now to keep a track of her and her activities.


  • Locates your child on a map
  • An efficient group communicator
  • Allows the parents to talk with their child

The application is available on Android for free.

4. TheOneSpy


There is no doubt the web is full of tracking software these days and certainly floating on the surface of the web. However, TheOneSpy is only of its kind that is best for you at the time and place of your’ choosing and get your desired results. It is compatible with both two major operating systems such as android and iOs. It enables you to record and listen to the live phone calls, perform live screen recording, social media monitoring, and capture screenshots remotely. Moreover, you can use this tool for tracking the live GPS location of the target cellphone device with pinpoint accuracy. The application is very effective for parents to set parental control and to track teens’ and kid’s live location, location history and to find out hidden whereabouts. The app over the years has got quite positive feedback for its specialty track teen’s phone.


  • Live call recording
  • Text messages tracking
  • GPS location tracking
  • Live screen recording
  • Remote monitoring

5. Mspy Mspy

From all the available tracking software, mSPY seems to be at the top amongst all of them. It works on all Android and iOS devices. It efficiently locates your child. It also keeps records of phone calls, emails, and messages of your child.  It has proven to be very convenient and useful for parents who want to track their child. Along with tracking, the app offers various other distinctive features to the parents so that complete security of their child is ensured. The app has received good reviews from the user on the concerned job.


  • Text message monitoring;
  • Call monitoring;
  • Email monitoring;
  • Satellite addresses locator tracking.

The plans are available in three parts, they are as follows;

Basic, (1 month)

Premium, (3 months)

Family (6 months)

Bundle (12 months)

6. SpyBubble SpyBubble

SpyBubble is tracking software which has some notable features that are compatible with many different smartphone devices. The software can efficiently monitor calls, messages, photos, locations and other activity of your daughter’s phone. It is a user-friendly app and executes many functions apart from tracking calls. The app can also record messages & calls of your daughter so that you can know what she is up to. The app also allows monitoring photos and videos of your daughter’s phone. it is an exceptional application that provides overall security for your daughter.


  • Call recording:
  • Photo and video monitoring
  • GPS location tracking

SpyBubble can be bought at 50$ as a onetime fee, making it cheaper for the people who want to use the software for a longer term whereas expensive for the ones who are planning to have it on a shorter term.

7. Mobistealth Mobistealth

Mobistealth is available for iOS and Android devices as well as desktops too. It monitors and tracks calls and messages of your daughter efficiently. The app does that with the help of GPS tracking. Along with tracking it offers various other features too, such as monitoring MMS messages of your daughter, e-mail monitoring is also possible. The app also allows you to keep a call record history of your daughter, yet another great application that keeps an eye on your daughter efficiently.


  • Email and text message tracking.
  • Access to multimedia messages
  • Call history
  • Location tracking (with/without GPS)

Mobistealth has a 2-week Basic package ($19.99) subscription, whereas, Pro subscription is available for 3 and 6 months which costs $79.99 and $119.99 accordingly. The premium pack, however, has more features to offer than the basic pack.

Apart from them, there are various websites that perform the task of tracking phones and location of your daughter efficiently. Unlike applications, they are free and instant; they have a user-friendly interface which makes them very easy to use.

Mobile number is one such website where you can easily track your daughter’s phone.

Mobile number

 It is easy to use:

Open the site Mobile Number tracker

Then enter the mobile number in the ‘locate mobile number box’

Click on ‘trace’

The website then, within few seconds will trace the number, providing you the location of your daughter.

It is that simple and easy to use.

There are plenty of websites and applications parents to track their daughter’s phone. Parents can select the source of tracking according to their use, if you want a long-term and a permanent tracker that informs you about each and every activity of your daughter then the mentioned applications seem to be perfect for you. However, if you something that helps you track your child’s phone instantly and without any ruckus of login and registration then the mentioned website seems to be adequate for your use.

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