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Dr. Ekawali Gupta at Healing Hospital, Chandigarh, has successfully handled multiple cases in her life. The obstetrician and gynecologist have so far helped many women effectively combat underlying health conditions. But still, she finds many women fear coming forward to take support of medical experts. Why does it happen? And being a woman, why should you also avoid becoming a part of this culture? Read on to know it better –

Here are the three major myths that push women back from getting an early-health treatment for their underlying medical conditions. 

Embarrassed or Fear

Embarrassment is the biggest contributor to women’s troubles. Women are shy about exposing their intimate secrets to someone. But don’t worry, Dr. Ekawali Gupta is a female herself, hence you can share everything with her. 

Trust Factor always Hits 

Trust is one of the biggest factors that keeps females back from approaching a doctor and getting a consultation. Well, gynecologists like Dr. Ekawali Gupta are certified doctors, who specialize in women’s intimate issues. Therefore, trust issues should never arrive as these doctors achieve this level of excellence after giving their 6 to 8 years in understanding women’s organs. 

Menstruation is common 

The third most common issue that encourages women to take their health lightly is Menstruation. The natural phenomena of women are often misunderstood and ignored. Menstruation is common, but uncommon if it’s coming with abnormal bleeding, pain, or cramps in the stomach. It can be a potential sign of something life-threatening that as soon as you detect the better it is. 

When should I reach out to Dr. Ekawali Gupta at Healing Hospital Chandigarh?

Even if you are healthy, or you are planning to conceive a baby, you should reach out to Dr. Ekawali Gupta to have a proper medical check-up. Alternatively, if you are experiencing something abnormal with your reproductive organs or during the menstruation cycle, a  gynecologist should be at your call. Dr. Ekawali Gupta specializes in diagnosing multiple reproductive issues in women and can help you too in getting over your medical condition in no time. 


We hope that your myths surrounding gynecologists and women’s issues have been burst now. It’s time to take action and approach a specialist doctor like Ekawali Gupta to get rid of your troubles that can be solved with a few medications and checkups. 

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