All you should know about giving the car a deep spring clean treatment


Spring is almost upon us which means this is the best time to give your car a deep clean treatment it deserves.

It’s obvious of the vehicles to get dirty and messy both inside out during the winter and rainy season past few months.

If you’re accustomed to giving the vehicle a proper sprucing least twice a year, now’s the time to work up some extra elbow-grease and get the car back in first-class condition.

From interior mats and dashboard to the mirrors, side windows and bonnet, make sure every corner has been thoroughly taken care of. And the same goes for the wheels as well so read on and have that hose ready to blast water!

Your essentials

Make sure you’ve all the cleaning essentials before starting with spring clean. Purchase special car shampoo, sponges, window cleaning agent, and chamois cloths, all available at almost every garage and petrol stations.

For extra protection and luster on the vehicle’s body, purchase some wax or polish else, the easiest way is going for VW service in Dubai where your car would be looked by professionals so expect perfection.

And while you’re doing it all by yourself, the ideal way is having access to a pressurized washer or hosepipe and a carpet cleaning machine if possible.

But, if you don’t have any of these, the traditional water bucket and detergent would do fine. You may go a step further by performing a detailed maintenance inspection of the vehicle but only through the owner’s manual at the ready.

The interior

Most of the drivers are familiar with the fact that the interior of the car can easily get dirty, especially during rainy and winter season through mud and debris under the shoes.

So before you hoover the carpets, be sure taking out the mats from under each seat, shake them well to rid loose dirt and soil, vacuum now.

If you wish to shampoo the car’s carpets and other upholstery, a warm and dry day would be preferred since trapped moisture can result in foul smell and even corrosion to certain items.

Still, it’s better to pre-check any existing wet patches on the carpets as it’s a sign of rainwater getting inside. If unsure of where’s the dampness in the car’s cabin coming from, it’s definitely time for a detailed VW service in Dubai to locate the problem and have it fixed!

You might as well consider cleaning the shoes to prevent further messing the car after it has been cleaned.

The exterior treatment

With the exterior, start by hosing the car with warm water and soap! While you’re at it, begin with the roof so that whatever the mess is on top, it washes down to the wheels that you’ll eventually clean in the last.

Pay close attention to the wheel arches since most of the dirt and grime from the road accumulates in these corners and go unnoticed unless the stains become apparent.


Give your car the best spring cleaning treatment it deserves through the above details!

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