What is the Right Content to Post on Each Social Media Platform

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According to the most recent studies, more than 70 percent of people are using social media platforms, so business can’t afford to be inactive on channels like Facebook, Instagram, and others. While it is recommended to market via social media, you shouldn’t be on every platform at all costs. You should figure out on which platform user engagement would be the highest and to invest heavily in it.

Not all kind of content should be shared everywhere, furthermore not every social media platform is suitable for all type of content. It is perfectly fine to post different things on different platforms. Actually, it may even increase your engagement. Each platform has its own audience group with their unique expectations for the stuff they desire to see.

Usually, business owners and bloggers are not strategic with their posts, they post non-relevant things, whenever something comes to their mind – the perfect example what not to do. In order to have a successful social media strategy, you have to invest some time into planning and strategizing. After reading this post, we hope you will precisely know what to post on a specific platform.


LinkedIn represents a professional social media platform so companies should keep their LinkedIn posts strictly professional. We recommend sharing some relevant news and articles from various outlets as well as professional articles from your company blog. Another great idea is to share your company success stories and awards. Just keep in mind that you address a highly educated audience, so your posts should be relevant to them.


Considering name recognition and the total number of users, Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. With approximately 2 billion users, Facebook represents a great channel for engaging and connecting people from all over the world with your company.

From its modest beginnings as a simple website where college students could keep in touch, Facebook has grown rapidly and become notably diverse and dynamic social network. People from all nationalities and countries are present on the platform and you can easily target and get in touch with them using Facebook’s countless options and tools. It works both, with companies and people, and it represents a great starting point for your business.

You can use the network to share photos, videos, your company blog posts, news from your niche, company updates and more. It is less strict than LinkedIn, so you can experiment with your posts. According to recent studies, Facebook’s algorithm favors video posts so the clever video content strategy should help gain more fans organically. Since Facebook is trying to monetize almost every interaction, in the future, it would be even harder to acquire fans organically. As a result of that, you should plan a budget for creating quality Facebook Ads with astounding photography and graphics along with some brilliant copy.

If you regularly post company statements on social media platforms in a form of PDFs or you have multiple images trapped in a PDF sheet you could use Cometdocs online converter tool in order to extract those images as JPEG or to edit those non-editable PDF statements, if needed. They also have all around mobile application so frequent travelers are covered as well.


Twitter has around 330 million active users worldwide and it is positioned in the top 10 most visited websites in the United States. Being highly popular and widespread, Twitter is not only good for marketing your business, but it is also convenient as an effective customer service channel.

Twitter is one of the best platforms for sharing breaking news on current events as well as communication between journalists, celebrities, and influencers. With that being said, you should mostly share your company blogs and news related to your niche. You should have in mind that, polls, memes, image, video posts, and especially hashtags are important parts of the Twitter you may take advantage of.  One of the key things when it comes to Twitter is ensuring that you have a strategy that involves consistent and frequent posting.


Instagram represents a highly visual platform and it is where trends are made and visual content is a must. High-quality photos and videos are the best type of content for the platform and they should be captured by professional photographers. You can repost some of your Facebook’s content here, but it should be some of the highest quality.

Instagram isn’t for everyone, more artistic niches tend to prosper on it and a lot of companies are struggling there. Companies can engage their users by (Instagram Marketing) generating and posting their content in which way their relationship would become stronger and at the same time companies would have additional high-quality content from their users to post.

Instagram Stories and Live Videos represent another great way of using the platform. There, you can share your company’s live streams and some interesting processes and events. It is also a great way to engage your followers.  One important thing to note is that platform is almost entirely mobile.

These are only general guidelines regarding the type of content you should post and might not work for your company and your niche.  If you would like to share your experiences, we would love to hear from you. Tell us in the comments below which types of content have worked well for you on the platforms mentioned above?

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