Common Features of Shared Web Hosting Plans

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If your site does not have a physical location, you should consider getting web hosting. Web hosting is where you host your web pages, which is what potential customers see when they visit your website. Web pages are comprised of many things, including photos, graphics, scripts, and other.html data. Web hosting servers translate and obey these files. The physical location of your business is not important, so it’s better to choose a hosting company that doesn’t require a physical address.

Common features of shared web hosting plans

There are a few common features of shared web hosting plans. These plans come with limited resources, and you should be aware of these limitations before purchasing a plan. However, you can pay only for what you use, and dedicated servers are usually more expensive. As a result, the resources you receive will be proportional to the size of your website. Regardless of which option you choose, the following common features of shared web hosting plans should be included in your plan.

Most shared hosting plans are quite affordable, but remember that a good deal doesn’t always mean a good deal. Always look at power, speed, and scalability before choosing a plan. Usually, shared hosting plans offer great value for the first few years, but you may need to upgrade later as your traffic increases. In that case, you will need to pay more for a higher-end plan.

Uptime guarantee offered by web hosts

Uptime guarantees are advertised by most web hosts. They typically represent the uptime of a server, expressed as a percentage of total uptime. An uptime of 99.9% means that your website is up at least 99.9% of the time, and a downtime of 0.1% represents about 43 minutes per month. While most businesses can live with some random downtime, even a half-hour of downtime could cost you thousands of dollars.

When looking for a web host that offers an uptime guarantee, it is essential to understand just how important it is. Many web hosts will qualify a certain amount of downtime before paying it. However, some providers may cap refunds and don’t cover natural disasters, hacker attacks, or Internet failure. This is why you need to dig deeper and ask more questions before committing to a hosting plan. Remember that even the most reliable sites will have downtime, so an uptime guarantee is a good idea for any new business owner.

Cost of web hosting plans

The costs of web hosting plans can range widely, depending on which features you need. The most expensive type is dedicated hosting, which gives you your own entire server to use exclusively for your website. Dedicated servers are generally more flexible and are compatible with a broader range of software and tools. They may seem cheaper at first, but they do not come with all of the features and services you’ll need for your website. A dedicated server with many features will cost you hundreds of dollars per month, or more, and the cost is substantial.

A general rule is that prices are likely to increase once you enter a contract with a hosting company. However, some web hosting providers do offer special promotional deals with a time limit. This way, you can get a cheaper hosting plan for a certain period, only to find that the cost doubles or triples once the promotional period ends. These situations will affect the cost of web hosting plans in general. So, make sure you know how long your web hosting plans will last before committing to one.

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