Common Gynaecological Conditions & Women’s Health Issues

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All women experience gynaecological problems at some point or another. These problems propensity to impact fertility, a significant lifestyle shift, or certain physical bodily changes. At this point, some professional gynaecological consultations might assist a woman in identifying the source of the issue and resolving it.

The top gynaecologist in Chandigarh clarifies and sheds light on the most prevalent gynaecological problems. Most of their cases are curable; thus, they seek to affect people’s quality of life somehow. Here, the problems can be resolved with regular visits and good health.

Let’s examine some prevalent gynaecological problems of today.

Common Gynae Issues

1. Ovarian cysts

Today, ovarian cysts affect one in every five women because of stressful living patterns. There are different sizes of ovarian cysts. Sometimes ladies are unaware that they have cysts. However, if these cysts are found early enough, they can be successfully treated.

2. UTI

Urinary tract infection is another condition that frequently affects women. Usually, it happens because of an increase in germs. This bacterial infection can occur for a variety of reasons, including pregnancy, diabetes, and a high level of sex activity. Among other things, the symptoms may include a burning feeling, discomfort, cramps, and abdominal ache.


One of the most prevalent gynaecological problems today is this one. In the illness known as PCOD, the ovaries’ follicles create cysts rather than eggs. In the long run, this cystic formation may cause significant stress and infertility. It decreases egg production and may have adverse long-term effects. It has a significant impact on mood and contributes to hormonal imbalance.

4. Dysmenorrhea 

Lower back or abdominal pain is highly typical in the days leading up to menstruation. Women do, however, occasionally experience excruciating pain. This ache, in some way, hampers the daily routine of activities. We refer to this excruciating discomfort as dysmenorrhea.

When the uterus contracts, the flow of oxygen decreases. Dysmenorrhea occurs during this time.

Consult Professionals Now

If any of these symptoms apply to you, now is the time to visit Dr. Ekawali Gupta, Chandigarh, the top gynaecologist, to put an end to your issues.

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