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7 Ways to Improve the Speed and Conversion Rate of your Website

Speed Conversion Rate

The loading speed of your website is an important factor to get more visitors and boost sales. This will help improve conversion rates and generate high profit.

Do you think your website’s speed is not a matter of concern for the users?

Well, if answered yes, you need to think over it again.

If there is delay of a second in page loading time, it will yield:

  • 12% fewer web page views
  • 18% reduction in client satisfaction
  • 9% loss in conversion rates

Amazon has found it true and reported that the increased revenue of 1% for each100 milliseconds will improve the speed of the site.

Also, Walmart did the same thing and found that there is 2% increase in conversion rate for every 1 second in improvement.

A reputed SEO Services Company in London discuss about few things you can improve the loading speed of your website.
DubSEO - SEO Services London
Reduce HTTP requests – Nearly 80% of the loading time of a webpage goes into downloading different parts which include – images, scripts, Flash, stylesheets, etc. An HTTP request is usually made for each element which ensures the more on-page SEO factors, the longer time it will take for the page to load. You can improve the speed of the website with simple design by:

    • Streamlining the number of elements on the webpage.
    • Combining together several style sheets into one.
    • Lessening scripts and putting them at the bottom of webpage.
    • Using Cascading Style Sheets wherever you can.

Decrease response time of the server – You should target server response time of at least 200 milliseconds. According to Google, you need to use web application monitoring solution that will help check for the bottlenecks in order to improve sites performance.

Compare between different web pages – Large web pages are usually 100 kb and more than that. Due to this reason, they become huge and are often slow to download. You can increase the loading time of such pages by zipping them by a technique known as compression. This will lessen the bandwidth of web pages thus, decreasing the response of HTTP.

Allow browser cache – When you browse through a website, the elements on the webpage get stored on the hard drive in the form of temporary storage or cache. Thus, the next time you think of visiting the same site, your browser will be loading the web page without sending another HTTP request.

Decrease resources – WYSIWYG resources have made it easier to create a web page however, they develop disordered codes at times that may reduce the loading speed of your website. It is important to eliminate line breaks, additional spaces and code indentation so that unnecessary codes may not add up to the size of web page.

Optimise the images – You will have to mainly focus on three things which are the format, size and src attribute along with the images. If the images are too big, they will take more time to load. So, you should try to keep the images small and simple. There are image editing tools that help you to crop them to the correct size, lessen the depth of color to the lowest level possible and even remove the comments from the images.

Optimise the delivery of CSS – Cascading Style Sheet is responsible for maintaining the style requirements of your web page. Your website will be using this information in two ways – an external file and inline. While the former loads before the web page renders, the latter will be inserted within the HTML document.

Apart from these, you can ask DubSEO to improve the experience of users by loading the top page quickly even if the other pages requires a few seconds for loading. Try to reduce the plug-ins on your website as too many will lessen the speed of the website and even create security problems. Make your website responsive as this will have more number of redirects to take the mobile users from your website to responsive version.


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