Craft beer bars and taprooms: A guide to the best places to enjoy craft beer in your city

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Craft beer bars in London strive to reverse the effect of industrial beer brands and large pubs in the late 20th century. These venues vary in beer selection on tap and bottles; one might prefer violently hoppy beer, another cask ale, and others foreign beers. However, they all commit to serving craft beer from small and free breweries. A craft beer bar focuses primarily on beer, unlike a gastropub. The primary aim of their events is to serve good beer, not hot food or restaurant pop-ups.

Best places to enjoy craft beer in Westminster

Winter Wine

If you are looking for the best liquor stores near me, then Winter Wine is perfect for you. There is no better place to enjoy craft beer than here. There is a great deal of friendly staff working round the clock to ensure that the clients receive the best service. Online beer, wine, and spirits are offered at the lowest prices and with the largest selection.

Steel and Oak Brewery

If you are a craft lover, you will find many places in New Westminister as it has many local brewery shops. The Steel and Oak Brewing Co is one of this area’s favorite beer lovers’ shops.

You can get some traditional bar food and try out different kinds of breweries at this public center hangout. There is a tasting room and a friendly atmosphere for all visitors.

The Craft Beer Co.

Craft beer lovers can find great beer at The Craft Beer Co. in Central London. Even though they are outside the City of Westminster, they are close.

A large range of cask ales is available at each location, along with 18-30 taps. Look at their bottle selections; every bar has hundreds of bottles and cans, many of which are from smaller breweries.

Final words

Planning to have a party with your friend and searching for Craft beer near me? Do not worry. Winter Wine is here for you. It is one of the best wine stores where you can easily find beer and wines of your pick. 

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