The 9 Most In-demand Tech Jobs

demand Tech Jobs
demand Tech Jobs

The technology industry is booming and will continue to follow that trend way into the future. As a result, there is a huge demand for skilled tech jobs professionals who will be able to take on the variety of roles that are available in this thriving industry. In 2021, there are some roles that have become exceptionally crucial for the future of technology, so below is a list of the 9 most in-demand technology jobs at the moment.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Jobs in artificial intelligence (AI) are in incredibly high demand since technology is now experiencing a shift in focus towards the field of automation. Therefore, getting into this area of the industry now can be a great decision for a successful future career, especially since there is a high projected growth rate for this field. As an AI engineer, you will use big data to train models involved in natural language processing, image recognition and, economic forecasting. To end up working in this exciting role, you will need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in AI, data science, computer science or any other related IT field.

Data Scientist

Data science is another role that shows no signs of stopping as the demand for new, talented people grows. This is since there is a demand from organizations to understand more about the data they are collecting so that they can make the best decisions for their business to help it grow and attract new customers. Not only is this role exciting and growing in demand, but it is one of the top jobs in terms of job satisfaction. For this role, you will need a degree in data science or computer science, and you might look towards pursuing an online data science master’s degree to progress in a company with up-to-date knowledge.

Information Security Analyst

With a growing reliance on technology, there is also a growing number of cybersecurity threats that are getting more sophisticated every day, ready to take advantage of company and consumer data. Therefore, it is very important for firms to hire information security analysts to protect them from threats before they occur. For this role, you would earn a high salary and might not necessarily need a degree to get there if you already have experience in cybersecurity; however, many companies will look for at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming.

Software Engineer

Many of the features on our phones and laptops that we use today have been developed by a software engineer, including as apps and even your internet browser. Therefore, software engineers have a very important role in today’s world, which will show no signs of waning any time soon. In this role, you can expect to earn a very high salary and have a secure job for life, although you will need to work hard for it. Most companies expect to see real practical experience often with an example of where you have created your own software.

Computer Research Scientist

Computer research scientists also have a very important role since they research ways for technologies to perform tasks better and help to drive progress for technology companies. This is a very rewarding career that can earn you a great salary and will continue to grow in demand, therefore it is an ideal time to study for a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information systems at the very least to bag this role.

Data Analyst

Being a data analyst is an extremely important role because now data is key to future business success. Recruiters are looking for more people who can analyze and interpret data so that it can be used to their company’s advantage. There is high projected growth in demand for this role, but some analysts may fear that their job could be potentially taken over by AI in the future, although for now, humans are still required to undertake this role. A degree in computer science and data analytics would be ideal for this role, but potential candidates with degrees in mathematics and economics may also be in the running.

IT Manager

As an IT manager of a company, you could expect to earn an above-average salary and enjoy overseeing the IT department and looking to continually improve systems and technical people within the team. This is a very rewarding role which requires a lot of hard work and dedication to the tech world, along with being a born manager who can coordinate many things at once. For this role, you would need a bachelor’s degree in one of the tech fields such as computer science, along with having some knowledge in project management.

Web Developer

We all use a ton of websites to conduct our daily tasks every day, but these websites have all been created by a web developer. These developers use programming frameworks and design strategies to build websites and applications, along with maintaining them once they are live. Therefore, they have quite an important role in ensuring that many businesses succeed online. To become a web developer, candidates can either enroll on a bachelor’s degree in computer science or attend a bootcamp to gain relevant experience.

Computer Hardware Engineer

In this role, you will be responsible for actually building the physical circuitry that makes computers work and be able to completely understand the components that make a computer so that you can maintain and repair them. There will be a demand for hardware engineers long into the future since computers will always need to be built and repaired. This role is very hands-on and incredibly rewarding and will lead to a higher-than-average salary if successful. You will require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer engineering and perhaps have undertaken an online course in computer hardware.

All these roles are incredibly exciting and will all be required long into the future. If you want to be sure that your future career is going to be secure, turning your concentration towards the tech world is a sure-fire way to achieve success.

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