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Moshe Strugano Explain Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Differences

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Differences

Digital marketing is categorized as a beast in the marketing world. In the modern period of engagement marketing, new marketers and PR experts need to use various tools to recognize their target audiences and how to engage with them. This begins by knowing the differences between digital marketing and social media marketing.

According to Moshe Strugano (Attorney – Moshe Strugano and Co Law firm), Digital marketing is an umbrella phrase used to cover entire marketing efforts for building awareness and increasing engagement on digital platforms. Digital marketing techniques include email marketing, blogging, SEO, web marketing, mobile marketing, SEM, and social media marketing. Briefly, digital marketing refers to executing marketing strategies on different channels and social media is simply one of its channels for marketing.

In this article, Moshe Strugano provides a closer insight into how these two are different and how you can utilize them in your business.

What Is Social Media and how to use it in business?

Social media is one of the biggest tools designed for everyone who wants to interact with each other, share their plans, details, and content through social media platforms. In the beginning, social media platforms were built to connect people with their friends and family. However, with the expansion of the World Wide Web, the significance of social media has become bigger over the years.

Nowadays, Social media networks are among the most crucial factors while planning any digital marketing strategy. This is perhaps the reason why many individuals can’t distinguish the difference between these co-related but little different terms.

Since the trade market is rising every day, this becomes a highly useful communication way to reach out to customers. It turned into an essential tool for finding advertising, sales, promotion, and getting a potential customer. Also, it gives rise to some of the best career opportunities.

The role of Social media is important as it eases communication with customers. It facilitates the melding of social relations on e-commerce platforms. The ability to gather information helps market researchers in advertising products and services. It facilitates the supply of focused, well-timed and exclusive sales and coupons to possible customers. It also helps in building a business relationship via loyalty programs or affiliate programs connected to social media.

It is the major resource for both small and big size businesses, which are looking to endorse their brands or services on the World Wide Web. The significant thing for businesses is to understand what the most admired social media sites are that will be perfect for their brand and targeted audience. All social medial platforms are user-friendly; you can access them easily without any language barriers. You can utilize free or paid advertising options for businesses and reach your new audience.


Ranked based on the number of active accounts, Facebook become the market leader and the first social network to exceed more than 1 billion registered accounts.

What Is Digital Marketing and how to use it in business?

Digital marketing is a method to endorse brands, products, and services through digital channels. Marketers utilize various digital technologies to target their potential customers and new audience around the world. This includes different display ads, PPC, emails, mobile promotion, and social media platforms as well. All these practices are utilized for engaging and attracting target customers and gather valid leads in real-time.

The three significant gears of digital marketing are:

Foremost gears of digital marketing are Online Marketing that includes communication options for instance websites, email ads, display ads, search ads, or banners.

Second is Social Media Marketing that includes advertising products, brands, or services through social media platforms, discussion boards, blogs, and various other social networks.

The third one is Mobile Marketing that includes developing and promoting mobile applications, text messages, and ads to generate traffic.

Forget about searching at a physical store location and inquiring sales representatives for more information. Today, customers are utilizing online sources to collects adequate information they need to know ahead of purchasing. That’s where digital marketing proves beneficial to customers and businesses. It helps businesses to reach customers wherever they are and provide what they want at their doorstep.

Nearly every business has a different targeted audience. Digital marketing helps them to discover what they want through the internet and other digital media channels. That makes it a key to new business strategies and why you have to make a good digital marketing strategy while setting up your business. The internet plays a vital role in how the customer makes purchase decisions these days. The internet even impacts how customers actually purchase their products and services. This makes it crucial for businesses to make their presence online and boost visibility online as much as possible

The future of marketing is digital marketing that will progressively gain more views in the online and offline world. On the other hand, Social media is the easiest mode to connect with other people and it is an important part of digital marketing. We are moving towards a world where finding new customers and promoting our products is necessary through digital and social media means.

Now, Moshe Strugano explains the Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing differences below:

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You need to understand that the digital marketing campaign is incomplete without utilizing the elements of social media marketing.

Social media is one of the biggest parts of online marketing that comes under Digital marketing. Social media can be any particular website or any one of the several mediums that are being utilized in digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing includes various aspects in its domain that include digital materials and the activity of marketing ourselves, brands, products, or services online.

Digital marketing and social media marketing has the potential to place businesses before a global audience and allow global expansion much more simply than it earlier has been.

Final Thoughts

It’s the main thing to know the difference between these marketing strategies so you can utilize the suitable tools in your campaigns. Nowadays, both digital and social media marketing are key gears for your business, products, services, or brand. Even, whether you utilize social media or digital, you should be particular about defining your voice that matches your brand.

We can observe that digital is the future of marketing and surely it will have a great impact on every business or service that arrives in the market.

Social media is also a major component to make personal and business connections with other people. As it’s an important part of digital marketing, surely it is changing the way businesses find their new customers and promote products, services, or brands.

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