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Dynamic audiences In Google Analytics

Dynamic audiences In Google Analytics

Most of the businesses want to learn about their user behaviour on both web and app property before making their decision about where and how to invest their marketing budget. And while a website is often the first customer touchpoint, for many businesses, apps are where customers are spending more of their time. As a result, marketers need to capture audience insights from their app analytics that they can then take action on, both within and outside of their apps.

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Google Analytics for Firebase, the app analytics solution, has historically given you the ability to organize your audiences around events, device type, and other dimensions. These criteria were not exhaustive, however, or dynamic as user behaviour changed over time.

That’s why Google has made enhancements to the audience builder experience, with a few major updates to help you identify relevant app audiences more easily and with greater precision:

Dynamic audience evaluation:

Audiences will now be dynamic. This means that analytics will automatically include users as-soon-as they meet your criteria. It will also automatically exclude users when they no longer match your criteria. This allows you to “set and forget” your audiences while they populate, without the hassle of constantly re-evaluating them.

Audience Exclusion:

This allows you to define your audience more precisely. For example, you can create a list of users that added an item to a shopping cart and of those users, exclude those who have also made a purchase.

Membership duration:

Audiences can now include a membership time frame, such as “users that have converted in the last 30 days,” so your audiences and messaging remain fresh and timely.

These new tools make audiences more powerful, flexible and actionable than before, so you can be confident that your insights reflect relevant users and activity on your apps. It is believed that in 2019 Google will keep enhancing its Analytics for Firebase audience builder.

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Take action once you have identified relevant audience:

Once you’ve improved your understanding of users, you can also deliver personalized experiences based on varying user needs. For example, through push notifications or Remote Config in Firebase, or customized ads in Google Ads.

With the ability to create dynamic audiences, you are able to understand your users with better precision. A better view into your audiences means more insight into the customer journey, so you can invest in your marketing activities with confidence and see better results — keeping users happy, and your app growing.

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