Why Is Growth Driven Design So Important In Modern Ecommerce?

Ecommerce website design
Ecommerce website design

Growth driven website design differs from traditional web design is several ways. While traditional web design is based around the identification and execution of long-term objectives, growth driven design is based around the acceptance of constant change. Growth driven design allows for a website to be quickly designed and released in a modular fashion: allowing for the swift adaptation of a website so it can lock into aesthetic and cultural trends.

Traditional web design allows for content to be uploaded and products to be added but makes it hard to change the fundamental architecture of a site without investing in very complex and time-consuming redevelopment. Growth driven design comes from a different angle. Other than the very barest of skeletal structure, a growth driven website design is built from the ground up to be easy and quick to manipulate. Let’s take a deeper look at why growth driven design is so important in modern ecommerce.

The Commercial Environment Changes Faster Than Ever

There is nothing sluggish about the world of ecommerce. Sites can come and go in a heartbeat. This is partially because of how swiftly a site can become outmoded. Traditional web design made it difficult for an ecommerce trader to make fundamental adaptations to the way they gained visitors and led them towards products. Few websites, for instance, were optimized for the incorporation of rising short form video based social media sites like TikTok. Sites need to be ready to incorporate ecommerce tools within social media applications as they emerge. Growth driven design principles emphasize the need to stay nimble in an ever-changing environment and embrace socio-technological upheaval.

Inbound Marketing Is An Invaluable Tool

GDD web development is extremely useful for making the most out of an inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing is a term used to describe content-based marketing plans that use interesting and relevant content to draw potential customers into the online realm of an ecommerce retailer.

The way in which potential customers want to consume content is ever changing. A well executed inbound marketing strategy will take into account the swiftly changing mediums in which media is consumed. Growth driven design allows for ecommerce operators to quickly adapt to changes in the media consumption habits of their chosen audiences.

Data Is Your Friend

All good ecommerce marketing strategies make use of huge quantities of relevant data. Data analysis should be constant and rigorous. It can often allow marketers to make interesting discoveries about current or future changes in a market. Data is one of the most important and hard-to-handle resources available to a modern company.  Growth driven web development allows an ecommerce trader to very quickly adapt to changes in the market that they or their team forecast using data.

Because growth driven web development ditches set-in-stone web architecture in favor of easily adaptable design, data driven predictions can very swiftly influence the makeup of an ecommerce site so that it can fully exploit accurately predicted market trends.

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