Effective Methods To Enhance Your Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency


There’s no denying that fuel efficiency has always been a major concern for any vehicle owner out there, especially with the increasing fuel prices. It doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive, you’d always want to maximise your car’s fuel efficiency. Better fuel efficiency is not only helpful for your wallet but also will make you utilise less earth’s resources, ultimately creating fewer emissions. Hence, purchasing a fuel-efficient vehicle is good for your pocket as well as the environment.

The following are some of the ideal methods using which you can increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Suggestions For Improving Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

1. Try To Maintain Your Vehicle

According to a service provider selling cheap tyres in Auckland, you must follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and don’t miss any routine check-ups. By having a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle, you can expect your car’s mechanical components to operate effectively, thereby improving fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, you must use the correct vehicle fluids and replace them whenever required. Also, don’t forget to check the air filters, suspension and perform proper tyre maintenance because all of these factors contribute towards increasing your vehicle’s fuel economy.

2. Keep Proper Tyre Pressure

Always check the pressure of your car tyres regularly. If your vehicle has under-inflated tyres, then it can prove to be costly & hazardous at the same time. This is because under-inflated tyres lead to increased fuel consumption by almost 5 per cent and can also be the reason for gruesome accidents on the road

Alternatively, over-inflated tyres are also a no-go because they tend to decrease the overall traction of the tyres and thereby lead to premature wear & tear for the tyres. Hence, check the tyres of your vehicle and make sure that all four wheels have the proper tyre pressure that’s recommended by the car manufacturer.

3. Keeping Mindful About The Weight & Drag Of The Vehicle’s

When the weight of the vehicle increases, the fuel consumption also increases. So, ensure that your car boot isn’t always filled up with items that you don’t require. Carrying heavy objects unnecessarily will force your car engine to eat up more fuel just so that it can displace more weight. Hence, don’t forget to clean your car interiors once in a while and eliminate the things that you don’t need to carry every time. Such a practice will help you to increase fuel efficiency.

Moreover, don’t try to alter your vehicle’s aerodynamics by placing heavy items on your car’s roof. It increases the drag and thereby leads to a loss in fuel economy. So, if you don’t use your car’s roof rack often, prepare to remove it.

For more information on the increasing fuel economy of your vehicle, contact our specialists.

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