Egg donation for couples over 40


Nowadays more women and men start new relationships and marry after 35 or even 40. It is often because they had not met anyone suitable before, had been in unhappy relationships before or had been focused on their education or career. Some 40+ couples decide to have children and some prefer to remain childfree.There is not much good news for those who want to have children after 40. Unfortunately for vast majority of them natural conception will not be possible. Luckily modern science, embryology and medicine comes to help in the form of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). This can include treatments like IVF with own oocytes, egg donation program, sperm donation and other additional procedures and diagnostic tests that increase IVF chances (assisted hatching, Embryo Glue, ICSI, PICSI, PGD, PGS, etc.)

No matter if you want to be a first-time mother after 40 or you have had children in the past, getting pregnant and carry your baby to term becomes increasingly difficult at a certain age. Both of partners should be aware that when you decide to become parents after 40, you may need fertility treatment in order to succeed. This refers to both partners as male infertility factor is quite common as well. With age the quality of male genetic material decreases. Also, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, drinking or being overweight have an impact on sperm count, its motility and morphology. After semen analysis at a fertility clinic, doctors may recommend you a change of lifestyle, getting rid of bad habits (smoking, drinking) and taking supplements. Such practice may improve the sperm quality in some men. This is highly individual and you need to remember that if something works well for some men, may not work well for you. It is always worth consulting a fertility specialist.

In case of women after 40, the solution to infertility is not that simple. Women are not able to regenerate their eggs by changing their diet or lifestyle. There is also issue with the eggs quantity and quality which decreases and worsens with age. Certainly, scientists and doctors are working on the solutions to rejuvenate oocytes (you may want to check cytoplasmic transfer, innovative solution offered by one of the IVF clinics in the Czech Republic), but these procedures can still be expensive. If you and your partner are determined to have children, you may want to discuss cheap egg donor program abroad. If your doctor confirms that with your own oocytes you will not be able to achieve pregnancy, carry to term or give birth to a healthy baby, you can use donor eggs. Donor oocytes come from young healthy and, first of all, thoroughly tested donors. Egg donation program combined with partner’s sperm or donor sperm can boost your chances to become parents after 40. Price for egg donation varies per country so it is worth checking free comparison websites for fertility patients like to learn more about how clinics present their pricing and success rates and what exactly is included in costs of IVF treatment.

If the idea of using donated eggs is totally new to you and your life partner, give yourself time to think about it, research it and discuss it. If you feel your desire to be pregnant, give birth and have a child is stronger than everything, egg donation can be a solution for you. Many IVF clinics abroad, for example in sunny Spain or Greece, offer anonymous egg donation programsso you do not have to worry that the donor would like to contact your child one day. In these countries egg donor agencies and clinics also offer obligatory egg donor-recipient phenotype matching. This way you may rest assured that your future IVF offspring will have similar hair and eye colour to yours. Certainly becoming parents after 40 is possible with some help of science and modern medicine. It may be expensive but as thousands of happy IVF parents confirm – totally worth it.

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