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Essential Tips for First Time Home Buyers


Buying a home for the very first time Home Buyers can be seriously thrilling, but uneducated buyers face multiple issues that elevate the complications too. 

A little preparation with our team may help to reduce complexity in the process of buying a home for the first time can be made an easier experience.

In this article, we bring a few essential tips for first time home buyers to make your entire journey of buying a pleasant experience. 

  1.     Stick to your financial limits

Don’t just get dragged away in the storm of highly expensive homes that are out of your affordability. Evaluate your limits and get your finances in order.

  1.     Start filling your KITTY to Buy your Dream                                                

Start saving for your INITIAL DEPOSIT as higher the down payment one makes, lesser interest and mortgage rates get.

  1.     Consult a Finance Broker

The buyer needs to be vigilant while fixing the things related to the mortgage. Figure out what is within the limits of affordability and get a reply to unanswered questions related to finance by approaching a mortgage broker. 

  1.     Compare Mortgage Rates

You can save a handsome amount by comparing rates and speaking to more than one mortgage brokers. Try to meet at least three brokers and you can save thousands of dollars by comparing rates.

  1.     Check out your Credit File

 A credit file is vital to know for first-time home buyers. A good credit file means getting your dream home with a low monthly payment. You may check this out through various free monitoring resources for credit, like these days you may find out credit score through various online apps.

  1.     Do not ignore closing costs

You do not have to save for down payment only. Funds are needed for closure of the current mortgage too. Closing costs are usually between 2 %to 5% of the original amount of loan. If you find it hard to save for, you may ask the seller to pay for some of the portions or try to negotiate with real estate agents on their commission.

  1.     Keep some money reserve before you Move-In

 You need to have some money for new home appliances and furnishings. It could be paints, light fixtures, etc. You can add up, so stay prepared.

  1.     Think of the type of property

Decide whether you need a single-family house, townhomes or apartment. When many first-time homebuyers picture their dream home, they picture a single-family house. Townhouse or apartment may not be your choice, but your first-ever home needs not to be an ideal home. If you are planning to invest only, then buy a home in consideration with other factors like budget, etc.

  1.     Don’t make any big purchases

We know everyone dreams of furnishing their homes beautifully, but avoid making major purchases as it augments the debt-to-income ratio. It can cause an increase in interest rates which may cause rejection in the loan application. Do not make big purchases until your finances and loans are fixed.

  1. Choose a credible realtor

Your realtor assists you on every step of the way. It is vital to pick a reliable and experienced one, but the one who can go along with you well should also be looked upon. Don’t go on the first name on Google search; ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations and personal experiences.

  1. Know your market

Know your market inside and out. You should get versed with the prices at which other homes are selling in the concerned area for the negotiation stage to be able to save a few pennies.

  1. Go for the home in consent with your partner

Work upon your needs and desires for a home with your partner. Make a list and pick the one that accomplishes your needs and desires.

By following the above essential tips, your First Time Home Buyers experiencing would be a pleasant experience. If you want an absolute hiccups-free time while buying your first ever home, contact real estate agents in Wanneroo and real estate agents in Hockings. Accomplish your dream home fantasy with Professionals Wanneroo real state, the most dependable identity in the world of real estate. 

We have so far helped a lot of couples and families secure their dream homes.


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