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auto transport

Finding a auto transport company has become a very popular option in the past few years when one decides to send a vehicle from one place to another. It spares you precious time and money. You don’t get the unwanted wear and tear on your automobile. And it can even be done door-to-door for further convenience. What’s not to love about it!?

But there are also a lot of people with a lot of questions about what auto transport is and about all the small and not so small details around it. So read this text and you will find out more about car shipping, getting good rates and full insurance coverage, etc.

What is This Thing Called Auto Transport?

This is the process of shipping a car from one point to another on someone’s demand. You can do it from city to city, from state to state and even internationally. One can do it himself, by asking a close person or by hiring a specialized company. The latter is a very popular option today for common people as well, not just for brokers, dealers and manufacturers. Blame it on the Internet.

What are the Main Options?

There are many and different services offered by the car movers. You may have a door-to-door delivery or pick the vehicle up from a terminal. There is also the option of transportation in an open-air trailer or in an enclosed auto hauler. The latter ensures a better protection.

What is the Cheapest Way for Auto Shipping?

Undoubtedly, the cheapest option is the open-air trailer. Something else that could save you money is avoiding the peak season for moving and the holidays as well. Being flexible with the dates you pick is a cost-effective move too. Also, research several car moving companies to get the best rate.

How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car?

It depends on a few factors. They include the distance between the locations, the type of transport and the dates. For close destinations you may have your car delivered even for a day. Otherwise it may take a week or even longer – the companies will give you a time range so you are prepared. Be aware of the external factors that may delay the delivery, like the traffic jams, bad weather or mechanical problems with the trucks.

How to Find a Trustworthy Car Transporter?

It is easy to find a car transport company nowadays with the help of the Internet but it is harder to find a trustworthy one. The first thing you can do is read as many online reviews as possible in forums and social media to see if a specific company has too many negative evaluations. Check the media archives to make sure the car mover isn’t connected to any scandalous news stories in the past. Find out for how long it has been operating on the market and if it possessed all the licenses needed. If all is good, pay up without hesitations – you will avoid a scam or bad servicing and you will have your vehicle delivered the right way.

Do I Need Insurance?

Yes, you do and the good news is that most car shipping companies offer insurance. You should be aware though that they insure just the automobile for the shipping period and not the extra items inside. For that reason avoid stuffing your car with luggage. Covering damages is done differently in each policy, so be thoroughly prepared before you sign.

Should I Ask for a Locked-In Price?

Of course you should. It is your sacred right to pay only the quoted price and not a cent above it. To keep your calm all through the process find out if the car mover sticks to the offered initial price. There is a little something that could help you avoid the unpleasant surprise of getting additional fees. The rule is simple: don’t hide any information that has been asked by the company.

May I Get an Exotic Car Shipped?

There are reliable companies that offer this specific service, so yes. Everyone knows the value of a classic/luxury/exotic car and for that reason shipping one requires an extra careful approach. You have to be sure of the quality of the auto transport company you are going to hire.

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How to Prepare My Vehicle for Shipping?

This is your job and yours only, so don’t miss a single step in the process in order to avoid unwanted risks of damaging your vehicle. Start with checking for fluid leaks and see if the battery is secured in mounting brackets. Disconnect the alarm system. Fill a quarter of the gas tank. Leave the spare tires but remove all the personal items from the inside. You may also give the driver spare keys just in case.

We hope that now you have all the answers you needed for having a trouble-free shipping of your precious car to anywhere you want it.

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