Expert Opinions on Increasing Car Insurance?

Expert Opinions on Increasing Car Insurance?


Motorists received some positive news when it was revealed that comprehensive car insurance rates have fallen by 14% since the outbreak began. For many drivers, this ensures that car insurance will be at the most affordable level in years. Nonetheless, some people claim that their renewal documents indicate that their premiums will increase in the coming year. So, what really is going on?

How pandemic affected car insurance premiums?

All insurance, at the most basic level, is focused on risk. The more likely you are to file a lawsuit, the higher your annual premium would be. In addition, anything but necessary business travel was prohibited. Cars were off the lane, which meant they were less likely to be involved in “claimable accidents.” That isn’t to say that all danger has disappeared. Since many cars are parked on the road, they are vulnerable to either accidental or intentional harm (or theft). Others had to go to the garage because their batteries had died due to lack of use.

Given that their cars were collecting dust on the drive, some enterprising insurers recognised the lay of the land and realised that their customers would expect to see some return on their annual premiums.

Further Key Takeaways

  • The 14 percent reduction in insurance premiums seems to be fantastic, but dig deeper into the details and you might be shocked. The real decrease in premiums varies greatly depending on where you live in India, but rates are down on average by 4% in the most recent quarter.
  • So, if you’re expecting a major discount on renewal, you may be disappointed. There’s a chance you’ll see a rise. That’s because insurance rates are based on a variety of variables, like where you live, your annual mileage, your occupation, and where you park your car overnight.

Why can no-fault incidents still cost you?

The term “claimable incident” is one of the most controversial topics in the world of car insurance. It’s unavoidable that if you’re at fault in an accident, you’ll have to pay higher insurance rates. However, if you are involved in an accident, your premiums can rise if your insurer determines that you are a higher risk. Even if you don’t make a claim, your insurance contract will require you to report ‘claimable incidents,’ which are any incidents in which your vehicle is damaged and will require a claim.

When the insurance provider discovered that a claimable occurrence had happened in the past but was not announced, it resulted in some very thorny issues where insurance premiums or potential claims were affected. The insurance industry is well aware that these decisions are unpopular with consumers, and there is considerable variance in how different companies react. When you sign up with a new insurer, remember to question what the terms are. Acko car insurance always let’s you know about terms and conditions beforehand.

But why am I paying more when prices are falling?

So, why are certain people paying more for premiums this year because overall rates are decreasing? Some insurance cost decisions will be influenced by the personal circumstances, while others will be caught off guard by ‘loyalty charges.’ People are now more conscious in recent years that if they stay with their insurer, their premiums will rise year after year. The loyalty fee is named after the fact that you are essentially paying more for remaining loyal to the company, even though a new customer or a different insurer may get a better offer.

It’s difficult to prove that you’re being overcharged for your loyalty, but a few online car insurance calculators can reveal whether you’re being overcharged. Take screenshots and file a report with the insurer if you believe you have been overcharged. If the company cannot justify the rate increases, you will be able to request a refund of your premiums.

Wrapping Up

To ensure that you purchase from the right place and reap the benefits of buying or renewing a policy from the insurer’s website or app such as Acko car insurance, you can take some easy steps from the website as well. You can even take the aid of a car insurance calculator online.

Also, you can opt for a comprehensive Bajaj car insurance policy such as the one available on Finserv MARKETS. Car insurance from Bajaj Allianz provides coverage against natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes, robberies and others.

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