An Overview Of The Features Of Vidmate App

Vidmate App

An app that will let you download videos and music from the other portals like Instagram, Youtube and much more. This app is Vidmate with which you can choose the quality of your download so that not much space is taken up on your device. Cool enough, isn’t it?

What are the features offered by Vidmate?

  • It saves both your time as well as your money
  • You can put a download process on hold and then that can be resumed later
  • You can easily manage multiple downloads at a go
  • You can also watch some live TV channels
  • You will find a number of movies that are available in various languages
  • Also, you can avail of the different qualities provided to you, that will include High Definition (HD) as well

How can videos be downloaded in the Vidmate App?

When you go to Vidmate and open ityou will see the homepage and there you will find all the videos that are trending and you will also find all the hit video streaming sites. All you will have to do is opt for the site from where you wish to download the video and you will a red button somewhere at the bottom right corner of the site page. Just you need to click on it and then the video will get downloaded automatically.

Will you be able to browse different video streaming sites in vid mate?

Definitely! All you require to do is go to the homepage and you will find a search box on the page. Then you can either paste or type the URL of the website that you are looking out for and press enter – that’s it. You need not to worry about anything else, Vidmate will do the rest for you.

From where can you check for the videos that are in the process of downloading or are already downloaded?

When you go to the Vidmate app, the menu bar will show you the Download List. You can go and get it checked there. But if you don’t want to do this, then there is yet another way. What is it? We will tell you. You can go to the download list from the button bar right from the homepage of the Vidmate App. You will find a download icon there, from where you can check. You just need to click on it and find the video that is downloaded or its downloading status.

What if you need to get in touch with Vidmate, how can you do that?

Vidmate takes the queries and problems of their user’s seriously as they are concerned about them. If you ever intend to get in touch with them then get their original email address and just mail them. Also, you can write a comment on their official website comment box. If you are facing any difficulty while using the app, you need not to worry you can submit your report as a post. They will help you as soon as they can.

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