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5 Achievable Garden Designs for Non-Professionals


Most of us would like have a lawn or a kitchen garden in our houses, but many of us are not a professional at gardening and shy away from putting in efforts. Then again, it is easier than you think to create your dream garden.

We bring you some easy ways to make your garden look like done by a professional, even if you are a not an expert! These designs are sure to catch many eyes.

  1. Customize the Entrance

As it is said that the first impression is the last one, work at the entrance of your garden. Plant fragrant flowers and herbs in the beginning, like mint, scented primrose, nicotiana, tuberose, night-scented stocks, honeysuckle, jasmine, and gardenia etc.

Along with the scented flowers, you can also plant a tree or a row of small trees like Crape myrtle, Fringe tree, Japanese maple and Vine maple on either side of the entry gate to give it a grand look.

Do not forget to regularly trim and chop the extra branches and leaves of the trees, so that they look neat and beautiful. A circular or a triangular arched gate will be ideal for a subtle, yet attractive entrance.

  1. Assimilate Different Plants and Flowers

This is a great idea for anyone who is not a pro in gardening ad wants to have a very striking garden look. Look for some dark-colored flowers like rose, tulips, daisy, gerbera daisy, lilac, and lily, etc.

Mixing a couple of colored flowers and plants will accentuate the entire view of your garden leaving it the most wanted place of the house. Roses, tulips, lilies, and daisies itself come in vivid colors and they look just amazing when mixed in patterns or even randomly.

You can also plant some vegetables who sprout flowers. This way, you will have the veggies ready in your lawn and they will add to the beauty as well.

The seedlings are very easily available at any flower nursery. Imagine that flamboyant garden with a variety of colorful flowers and plants! In love already? Then go get those tiny seeds, plant them in your garden and become the queen of the flowers.

  1. Make Use of Pots

Another very interesting way of decorating your garden is to deploy some pots, instead of doing all the plating on the ground. You can give height to your plants by putting some large pots and make patterns with different sized containers or you may simply hang some of them.

Additionally, you can self- customize the pots by painting beautiful designs or just keeping them in solid colors, the choice is yours. Cultivated soil is a must for proper growth, hence, do not forget to make the soil rich and suitable for plantation.

You can simply go for garden tillers and work out your garden’s soil for a proper and abundant growth.

  1. Decorate with Climber Plants

Another top-notch idea for giving an arresting look to your small garden is to plant some climbers like Clematis, Sweet Peas, black-eyed Susan and honeysuckle etc.

Place them on the arch of the entry gate or allow them to cover the shed. Climb them through artificial support anywhere you want and make your garden look like a paradise.

You can make a twin climber by mixing 2 types of vines and see them growing in beautiful scintillating designs.

You can also cover the boundary of your garden or the house anywhere with these creepers; some of them grow really fast with least maintenance.

  1. Do Keep a Seating Area

Who would not want to sit and relax in nature’s ambiance and with nice aroma all around? Do keep an area somewhere in the middle of the garden, where you can sit and have a sip of morning tea or an evening coffee with your loved ones.

You can make the seating area also decorated with stones and wood carvings and install it with a table or chairs as per need.

You can also make your own chairs with old unused tires, by simply putting a wooden plank on two of them together. You can make a shed with climber plants above the seating area.

Author Bio:

Emily is a DIY expert and has a very good sense of styling. She has an ability to figure out different ways of doing many things on her own and she loves to share her ways with the public. This article is from her DIYs on gardening and she brings out to you some of the very easy and smart ways of decorating your garden.

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