The Gemstones That Can Offer Expected Results


The rich and distinctly green coloured gemstone emerald is a specimen of the beryl mineral family. Along with blue sapphire and ruby, the green emerald forms the trio of big three coloured stones. The second gemstone is hessonite or cinnamon which is also known as “Gomed” in India are belongs to the garnet group of minerals. Chiefly found in India and Sri Lanka and also in Brazil and California this stone is brown in colour inclining towards orange or a yellowish tone. Here is some important information that can help the buyer who is looking for the precious gemstones such as Hessonite and Emerald. One can look at the advantages of these two stones along with the factors that determine its prices.

  • The Emerald Stone: The Emerald Stone with along with its fascinating green luscious colour is also astrologically beneficial to the one who wears it. Being the gemstone of the planet Mercury, it helps one to harness the energy that resides with the same. Apart from filling one with positive energy, this stone also instils intellectual progress giving one the power to grasp deeper aspects of life with poise and calmness. It also helps one to explore his/her creative side and the ability to innovate develops a knack towards artistry. It makes a person more focused; develop communication skills and takes away emotional toxicity from one’s brain and body. The factors you must consider buying the best emerald stone is its colour, clarity, cut and karat weight. The best quality emerald has a bright green hue with a translucent texture inclined more towards opacity. Also, it must not have any visible inclusions and must possess an immaculate clarity with the colour tone ranging from medium dark to dark.

best emerald stone

  • The Hessonite Stone:  Hessonite stone or the “Gomed” is filled with the destructive effects of the planet Rahu. It is especially advised to be worn by the ones who have “Sarpadosha” to balance the effects of it. Under the period of Rahu, the hessonite stone gives clarity of mind, balanced temperament with relief from confusion and disillusionment. It saves a person from negativities, enemies and keeps you away from massive ailments. It also keeps you protected from the evil and the black magic curses thus safeguarding you from the malefic effects of Rahu. The best quality hessonite stone can be determined from its colour which bears a similarity to the colour of honey or cow’s urine. It is also dependent on the size, lustre, and cut of the stone.

Thus, both these stones keep you safe and healthy keeping you away from negativity and culminating a sense of positivity within you. Also, while buying these stones online, make sure that the product comes with a free lab certificate ensuring the treatment and quality of the stone. With a little research and care, one can get an original stone that can offer the benefits that are deserved from it. A gemstone consultant can also be helpful to get a real stone.

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