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Shivaji Park

Shivaji park is the public park which is located at Dadar, Mumbai. It is one of the largest parks in Mumbai city. This park has cover down 112,937 square meters which is covered by 31 tenants. It is also an open place for Indian cricket. It is a popular hub for social and political gatherings which holds some special significance of historical period and named after the famous heroic leader ChhatrapatiShivaji. It was built by Municipal Corporation in the year 1925. It is having a huge statue of Shivaji which shows about his leading quality by stretching down his one arm. This place is also having idol of Meenatai Thackeray who is the late wife of Bal Thackeray.

Visitors will come across with children’s park along with Nana-nani Park which is the main attraction of this park. Along with that, they will also come across with the Samarth vyayam mandir along with Udyan Ganesh temple which are the important highlights of this place. This park is having systematic pathways along with lined and towing trees which increase attraction of this beautiful place. It is the best place for walk in leisure time. This park is also loved by cricket lovers which are a kind of training ground for many famous cricketers including Sachin and VinodKambli.

The entrance of this park is to the east side which is only for pedestrians. This park is open for public for activities related with sports. The statue of the Shivajiis placed on the western side of the park. It was created in the year 1966 by taking donations from the population. This park is the home of eight cricket clubs. Some of the famous crickets are trained here. It is a kind of Feeder Park to some of the colleges.

Visitors will also come across with Shivaji park residential zone which consists 187 residential building which is considered the best locality in Maharashtrian city. Today this zone has considered the best option for middle class people. This is the best park for infants and toddlers where they can enjoy the evening with their parents in Sand pit along with having latest equipment. Along with that anyone can enter any time asthe entry is free of cost. Visitors will come across with a gym where they can carry out their workouts with latest tools and equipment. This place is centrally located where person can easily drop down to this place any time according to their requirement.

It is a scenic park which is located very near to the sea. One thing which helps is that the trees around this place is tree line as it goes on to provide a welcome form of relief from the hot and sultry weather of Mumbai. In some ways, you can go on to say that it is a lovely place to walk in the mornings or the evenings. In a way, it happens to be a huge ground with fresh air blowing all the time. It is a great place for the people who belong to this place.

Time to visit

It can be visited any time as it open for all day.

Thus, this is the best place which is to be visited by family along with friends to take the experience of historical period.

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