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9 Smart Tips to Boost Google Image Search Results


The biggest search engine, Google gives importance to quality and relevance for search results. In this regard, user experience has an important role for giving strong signal to improve the ranking. The more popular an image becomes, the more clicks it will receive and better ranking. Read below to know some tips for better user experience with relevant images.

  1. High quality images matters a lot – Experts working in a reputed SEO company says, your images should be of good quality that can attract attention of the visitors. As per the survey done by Shotfarm, it was found that customers consider product images and descriptions extremely important before taking any decision. In other way, consumers check the quality of the image when buying any product or availing some service. Thus, the better picture you may click, the easier it will be to improve the ranking.
  2. Reduce file size without affecting qualityUploading large image file will drop down the loading speed of websites. However, reducing the file size will not always mean that you compromise on quality. You can omit unnecessary data by using different online tools and optimise images as per your website.
  3. See how images appear in search results – Though Google will not crop images by itself that they do for profile pictures, it is important to check how the images will appear in search results. According to experts of a reliable SEO agency, if images do not adjust with the standard image ratios like 4:3 or 16:9, they need to be resized to fit with the dimensions. Large sized images will not be able to grab attention or get clicks when decreased to thumbnail size.
  4. Better images to get optimized for search results – The head or the team divided into several groups by practices, responsibilities and other factors will enable better images to be optimized for search purpose. Stock images can be distinguished easily and so, they can make your local business more personalized and attractive by offering quality service and building long term relationships with clients.

Optimize image data, descriptions, tags and labels for improved Google ranking and indexing

Google uses metadata, descriptors and labels for indexing purpose. As such, they are extremely important in recognizing for Google about the image and context where it will be used. Better indexing means improved ranking in the search engine results. Below are discussed about the labels, descriptors and tags that may be customized at the time of uploading an image for display on your website.

  1. File name of the image – As it has been discussed above, file name is the main description of any image so that it can be searched easily by users.
  2. Know about alt tagsAlt tags are said to be HTML attributes that help you know about your image. They are actually used instead of the image when it is not displayed. For example, texts are displayed by the users when images are not enabled in a browser or they cannot be decoded. Alt tag is an option for text against image. Check out how alt tags can be used to identify the images.
  3. Add captions – Experts working in a SEO agency in UK believe captions are the description or title displayed with your image.
  4. Descriptions – With description, you can fully explain images that provide additional details along with the links. Descriptions are usually seen when an image is clicked within a post or on the website and then opened separately.
  5. Contextual information about the image – Google considers relevancy of images to search results with quality content, image sitemaps, page URL, page title and other images. As such, you need to optimise all of them and keep the webpage consistent.

Finally, visual images are becoming very important in engaging more customers and reaching out to them. It is now clear that images will have a powerful role in helping different business in getting their products or services recognized by customers. Yet, many businesses are not able to optimise images and they lose opportunities in the promotion of brand, product or service.

It is advised to spend more time in SEO for optimizing images and know about the huge profit you can make from your business.

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