Here’s an Overview of Smart Thermostats

Here’s an Overview of Smart Thermostats

Aren’t we all living in the smart era today? Our day-to-day lives are becoming more convenient all thanks to smart home devices. Everyone’s heard of smart thermostats, and how they have revolutionized homes all over the world.

But, here’s the real question everyone wonders, are smart thermostats worth the investment? What advantages do they provide as compared to those of a traditional thermostat? And, is it really worth replacing current thermostats?

This is why we’ve decided to share an overview of smart thermostats so that you can finally have all the answers to your questions.

How Do Thermostats Even Work?

Before jumping right into smart thermostats, we need to address the question as to how do thermostats function in the first place. As a matter of fact, traditional thermostats are pretty straightforward and have basic scientific principles behind their technology.

These devices control both the air-conditioning and heating systems in your home. They’re able to do so because of their ability to monitor the temperature around the house, which then allows them to turn the HVAC system on and off.

A thermostat is rather simple while consisting of some form of cool technology. Almost all thermostats that were created in the past two decades are digital. That being said, there still are non-digital, traditional thermostats in older homes.

Most traditional thermostats come with a mercury switch. In other words, a glass vial that has a small amount of mercury in it. The mercury allows the thermostats to carry water and electricity flows. Eventually, traditional thermostats started getting replaced with programmable ones during the late ’90s.

Why Should You Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

So, why the need for an upgrade? The answer is simple, it’s all about learning, convenience, and automation. Smart thermostats have the amazing ability to learn from your heating and cooling behaviors.

Moreover, a smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home even when you’re not around, hence, it can be accessed remotely. Not only that, but your energy consumption is usually displayed on its screen, and you can further manage the humidity in your home.

Doesn’t it make sense to upgrade to a smart thermostat as you no longer have to manually program and adjust the climate of your home, unlike standard thermostats?

Similar to programmable thermostats, most smart ones can also shut off your HVAC system when you’re leaving and start it before you’re home. Furthermore, it can also show just how long it actually takes to make climate adjustments.

This way, you can see how effective the climate control system is. Smart thermostats can also be managed from smartphones. Another amazing fact about smart thermostats is that some also offer data about how energy is being consumed in your home.

This set of information can also be used to know how long it takes for your home to cool and heat, and at what point of the day is the most amount of energy being consumed. It also suggests ways to help you reduce your energy consumption.

Cost Saving Benefits of Smart Thermostats

What’s your current energy consumption like? Are you leaving the heating system on all throughout the winter or is it being dialed down once the sun sets or when you’re heading out for the day?

If you’re living in a temperate climate, the amount of your savings will be relatively small. Whereas, if you’re living in an area with scorching summers and frigid winters, you can expect more savings.

On the other hand, if more energy is being consumed due to your household being run at a consistent temperature all year, you might notice your energy bills being reduced that is if you allow a smart thermostat to help manage your system.

This is why smart thermostats are energy-smart products. The true potential for saving on your energy bills ultimately depends on both your habit and the climate you’re living in.

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a smart thermostat. This included the size of your home, the types of control you want in a smart thermostat, how well insulated your house is, and what type of heating system is installed in your home.

For people who barely have time, smart thermostats are a great choice. You no longer have to stress about switching on and off your cooling and heating system, as smart thermostats are called ‘smart’ for a reason – they create schedules for you.


I think we can all agree that there are many benefits smart thermostats bring to our lives in the long run. A little bit of patience goes a long way. In the energy-conscious society that we’re living in, smart thermostats are a great way to help reduce energy consumption and further reduce utility bills.

Last but not least, the temperature in your home is the biggest factor that determines whether one is comfortable or not. Smart thermostats present a great way of maintaining a comfortable home environment that requires little to no effort.

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