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How to Design a Stunning Hotel Website That Makes Money

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Websites and applications have revolutionized the tourism industry. Traveling was never this easy, as it is at present. Just by a single click, travelers can book their flights, hotels and even their transport and the travel agents, hoteliers and all other entities of the tourism industry can manage their bookings and payments online, without any stress.

Travel agents, transport service providers, airlines and even the hotels use the websites as their primary form of representation today as the world we live in today is fully digitalized. Like shopping, much of the booking processes are managed online. With everything being digitalized, not having a website for your hotel is not at all a wise approach. In order to stay in the game and generate sales, the hoteliers need to build smart websites.

Here is a guide for hoteliers that can help them build a Hotel Web Design that is not only trendy but is perfect to generate an increased number of sales and bookings, hence more money!

The Perfect Design:

A powerful website that is up-to-date and designed with smartness contributes to building the trust of the potential customers. Make sure that your hotel web design is simple and impressive because the more you complicate things, the higher are the chances of the bookers to abandon their bookings in the middle. Here are the three most important factors that the design much include;

  • Relevant Themes and Templates:

The themes and the templates must be selected based on the type of hotel you own. For instance, if your hotel offers a waterfront location, your theme must not be dominated by forestry look rather it should feature a serene blue theme. This plays a really important role in building a first impression on the visitors.

  • Visual Content:

A picture speaks louder than words, of course! As compared to words, an image or a video can have a much major impact on a customer. It is best to uploads loads of images, high-quality images to be exact. Low resolutions photographs and stale stock imagery can be disastrous. Hire a professional photographer and upload the most high quality and actual photos of your property. Even videos have the capability of impressing the viewers but too many videos can slow down the loading speed, which is not an ideal feature.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

Simplicity is the key to perfection and this is something not many understand. To have a user-friendly interface is a must for every hotel web design  because a website that is not very easily navigable and the booking process is long and complicated, the bookers might abandon their bookings and this can be a major setback for a hotel. Make sure that the design is simple which in return will boost up the number of bookings and customers!

  • Mobile-Friendly and Responsive:

It is to be noted that a majority of hotel bookings and searches are made through mobile phones, can be both iOS and Android. While working on your hotel booking engine, do not neglect the mobile users because by doing so you will be missing out on more than half of your customers. Every hotel must build mobile-friendly websites, the moment a mobile user comes across any glitches, they will move onto the next option. Do not miss out on such a big portion of your sales by not optimizing your website for mobile users.

Not only just the mobile users, but the tablet, phablet, laptop, and PC users must be taken into consideration because hotel websites are used by all these devices. The best approach is to go for a responsive design. This way you will save your costs for designing a separate website for all these mediums, by having a responsive design you can satisfy the visitors from all these sources, generating a great number of bookings and a higher profit.

  • Updated and Interesting Content:

Another major feature that most of the hoteliers miss out on is the content. One of the most underrated forms of digital marketing, content marketing can work wonders for a hotel and the quicker we realize it, the better it is. Content, be that visual or verbal, needs to be attractive and interesting, it should be fresh and compelling. Many hoteliers forget about the content once it has been uploaded, make sure that you review your content on regular intervals and keep updating any changes that have been incorporated in your property.

The images should be updated every year so that the online bookers do not get a false impression which might result in bad and negative reviews. Schedule shoots for your property as soon as any major changes are made and this can be a bonus for you. Keep coming up with newer deals and offers so that the visitors know that you are an active hotelier. Try to keep your content as fresh as possible because it can be a booking driver for your hotel!

  • Offer Upsells:

The best approach is to encourage upsells by leveraging the content created and featuring it amidst the booking path. Use persuasive imagery and words and understand that upsells are not an afterthought, rather it is an efficient approach. The most influential hotel booking engine includes upsells and to drive an increased number of sales, it is important that you make it an integral part of your hotel’s website.

  • Strive for Conversion:

After a potential guest has reached your website, it is because of your Web Design In Karachi and content that will convert the looker into a booker. Use this as an opportunity to provide your potential guests the most phenomenal experience. Here are the top tools that you need to consider in order to increase the number of direct bookings;

  • Integration of Hotel booking engine into the Hotel Website:

Try not to treat the hotel website and the booking engine as separate entities, as by doing so you slow down the booking experience, resulting in frustrated bookers who then abandon their bookings midway. A website which has the booking engine integrated into it guarantees a smooth flow and satisfied customers.

  • Have a Clear Call-to-Action Approach:

Once landed, a user must know exactly what to do next, bringing back us to the point of having a user-friendly and a simple interface.

  • Customer Reviews:

The most reliable and trusted form of marketing for hotels or any other tourism entity are in fact the customer reviews. Make sure that you highlight the reviews of your property because travelers trust other travelers and rely on these reviews. Highlight the positive reviews so that as soon as a user lands on your hotel website, they are able to see the reviews. There is no better way of marketing than that of the word of a customer.

These are the top features that lead to a stunning hotel website that not only helps a hotel build its strong digital reputation but it attracts the right audience and leads to high conversion rates. And higher conversion rates mean more bookings, which in return provides a higher profit! Think wisely and stay with the trend and build a hotel booking engine that provides the best user experience to your potential guests!

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